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Skeleton OlympIC SpOrtS And dISCIplIneS pArAlympIC SpOrtS contentS 9 AlpIne SKIInG Freestyle skiing nordic combined Alpine skiing Crosscountry skiing 19 BIAtHlOn 31 BOBSleIGH 45 CrOSS-COUntry SKIInG 61 CUrlInG 77 FIGUre SKAtInG 91 FreeStyle Snowboard Ski Jumping Cross-country Ice sledge hockey skiing 103 ICe HOCKey 115 lUGe 129 nOrdIC COmBIned 139 SHOrt-trACK 149 SKeletOn Figure skating Speed skating Short track Alpine skiing 159 SnOWBOArd 173 SKI JUmpInG 183 Speed SKAtInG Skeleton Bobsleigh Ice-Hockey Wheelchair curling luge Biathlon Curling Biathlon 2014

Welcome Skeleton 6 !

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Alpine skiing 2014

WHIStler, B.C. When Bode miller suddenly emerged from the sporting wilSki racer skier said his actions would speak louder than his words. Competition calendar Sunday, miller acted. Splendidly. On the biggest stage there is. Super-G - , Forcefully claiming the title of greatest American ski racer of all time, miller won - the Olympic gold medal in mens super combined, putting on an astonishing dis- , . play of grit and versatility to collect his third medal of these Games in as many , Bruised from a training crash earlier in the week and exhausted by a compressed competition calendar, the 32-year-old miller completed one run of downhill and one run of slalom in a combined time of 2 minutes, 44.92 seconds, beating Giant slalom /- Croatias Ivica Kostelic by 0.33 seconds. The two disciplines demand the widest , possible range of skills, from agility to guts to sheer physical endurance. , , , Ive never really had too many confidence issues in my skiing, but to execute on a day like today and the way I executed, the way I skied, is something Ill be proud of for the rest of my life, said miller.

The gold medal follows the silver miller won in the super G on Friday and his bronze from the downhill a week ago. miller also won two silver medals in giant slalom and combined at the 2002 Games in Salt lake City, before he conquered the Alpine skiing World Cup. By 2005, miller was the top-ranked skier in the world, but he famously flamed out in the 2006 torino Games and was conflicted about his goals and commitments. now, miller says, he remains ambivalent about what the Olympics stand for but has surprised longtime ob- , servers here by repeatedly emphasizing that the Olympic spirit has inspired him to reach new athletic heights.

Its not like you turn a key and magically ski at your absolute best, miller explained. When youre at the Olympics, the energy and everything else, you can use that to bring your game up. And to be able to do that a few races in a row theres a huge element of luck it feels absolutely amazing.


Astonishing display of grit and Amazing demonstration of courage and ability



From agility to guts to sheer From swiftness and skill to bravery and ability Janyk finished 15th in the downhill Sunday on another warm and spring-like day at How did Bode miller win the title of the greatest American ski racer?

How much time did miller gain on Croatias Ivica Kostelic in mens super combined on February getting the same result in the super-G on tuesday.

How did Bode miller see his victory (What was his self-assessment)?

did Bode miller live up to his potential and everyones expectations at 2006 Winter Olympic Games in torino? What happened?

What does the article say about millers attitude towards winning at the Olympics? parathis week, won the downhill race in a time of 1:47.24. Second place went to What lesson can Bode millers case teach young athletes at the start of their career in sports?

Which questions would you have asked Bode miller in an interview for an article right after his 2014

It was definitely a motivation to see erik win, she said. It was incredible because hes had a rough season with his back problems and he just came in here I came in here with that kind of attitude as well for the race today. I feel confident with my skiing and I know I can be fast. I know Im in the game and I feel good about that.

The next event for the ladies will be Wednesdays team event. The men will race Internationale de Ski) Championships Giant slalom /- (. Bode miller) Defending downhill () , () Super combined event - (. Bode miller) 2014


Paralympic Games: 2002, Known as the 2002 paralympic Winter Games Golden Girl, lauren is an incredible athlete who was born missing both legs below the knee and her left arm Goal setting purposefulness/commitment below the elbow. She has been a skier since the age of four when she would ski in Whitefish, montana on family ski holidays. She grew up in the Calgary/Banff area.

She started ski racing at the age of 14 when a friend convinced her to join the Alberta disabled Ski team. She has four world championship titles and has won neering degree at the University of Victoria. Her success is a testimony to laurens Competing in sport has also taught her about goal setting and organization, making her determined and courageous. She spends much of her spare time volunteering with the War Amps of Canada.

during the ladies downhill event at the 2002 paralympic Games, she fell and injured her knees. After witnessing her fall, people didnt expect her to continue ski- For how long has laureen Woolstencroft been keen on ski racing?

ing for the rest of the Games. She was rushed to the polyclinic where several docWhich formal and informal World Championship titles has she won?

tors evaluated her and although she was surrounded with doubt, she overcame her injuries with determination and spirit and went on to win the Gold medal! What does she call a life-changing opportunity?

lauren has been profiled on CBC tVs 2003 Womens Warriors program, was What qualities and abilities has she acquired through sports?

Victoria, BCs 2002 Female Athlete of the year and won the 2002 Whang youn What social commitment does she dedicate her spare time to?

dai Overcome prize which was presented to the top Female Athlete of the biathlon 2014


en, and darya domracheva, went home from Oslo with small crystal globes, two norwegian men, tarjei Boe and emil Hegle Svendsen claimed all of the mens awards. This sums up the season quite well, as several women battled for the World Cup total Score until the final day, while only two men were in the battle for the big prize after Khanty mansiysk.

Swedens ekholm took the World Championships title with possibly the most Boes three wins were enough to seal this title, with 393 points. He had two dominating 15K performance in memory. Unquestionably the best pure shooter sprint meltdowns, 51st in Antholz and 44th in Oslo, yet in the other eight comin the womens field, ekholm was perfect in Khanty mansiysk, leaving the elite petitions finished no lower than fifth. He seems to possess that same silent field 2:15.8 back. On a day where five penalties were about the norm, she was fifth gear like his female counterpart, neuner. Svendsen was second with the only woman to shoot clean. Her dominance in this discipline is no surprise points and two wins, although he skipped presque Isle. peiffer, with his World as she, scored 173 points to second place Valj Semerenkos 159. The Ukrainian Championship broke up the norwegian/French party with his third place here.

Semerenko was extremely consistent finishing fourth in three of the competi- like Svendsen, he also had two victories. This young German could be challenging tions. russias Olga Zaitseva, the only bright spot for the russian women this the elite trio next season, if he continues to improve at his current steady pace.

season finished third with 138 points.


The top three men vying for the mens 20K trophy were the norwegians Svno surprises in this category as the total Score titlists took top honors, with endsen and Boe and the French star martin Fourcade. This elite club dominated all four disciplines, allowing only World Champion Arnd peiffer to invade their exclusive group with a third place finish in the sprint competitions. Svendsen won the crystal in this category, with 188 points, winning twice, but finishing second at the World Championships. runner-up Boe, with 172 points took the


This was the marathon of the disciplines, as it was contested in every World Cup and the World Championships.


second place made history, showcasing his cool demeanor and talent on the tracks. Second place Fourcade, the World Champion and Olympic Silver mass start Silver medallist found it hard to unseat Boe and Svendsen from the top spot on the podium all season, but won the big title in russia. He was a crucial part of the Oslo pursuit, with his big jump from 35th position to third place.

Svendsen won in Oslo and Fort Kent, but his missed competition kept him from Belarusian domracheva saved the best for last, taking her first win of the year in Sprint / the final mass start at Oslo and then slipping ahead of neuner for the crystal win. , . Other than her 15th in Oberhof, this ever-smiling poster child for optimism was 10 , 7,5 .

on the podium in the other four mass starts. neuner skipped the Oslo pursuit with illness and came back to try to secure the mass start crystal, but fell short, in . second at 228 points. Berger took third with a single win, at 206 points.

yet Svendsen won the biggest prizes here, claiming the World Championship with a miniscule five-second win over evegeny Ustyugov and then taking the mass Start Silver medallist Fourcade finished with 230 points, while Boe was back in third at 211 points.

That is the story of the 2010 2011 e.On IBU World Cup Biathlon season. As stated at the outset, the trends looking forward are quite clear. The norwegian men, although not as deep as in some years remain a powerful force, while the deep German womens squad did not miss a beat and stayed on top. A youth. 30 .

ful group of men established themselves this past season, which, with each youth movement this year as with the men. The established group of women, several of whom are in their mid-twenties just slipped into the blank spots.

The season is over; the pecking order is set, and soon the cycle will start all over 2014

15K performance 15 Shoot clean Mens 20K trophy IBU (International (IBU) 2014



Not as deep as in some years not as intense and extreme as in previous years As a boy growing up in California and then texas, Andy Soule was not much of Who claimed all of the mens awards in the World Cup competitions? or 1.49-mile, pursuit sitting biathlon event Saturday, becoming the first American to win a medal at the paralympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler, British Which results did the mens and womens best contestants show in biathlon individual events? Columbia, and the first American in history to win a medal in biathlon. He placed Why neuners talent was considered unmatchable among the women sprinters? perfectly, hitting all 20 of the targets during the race.

What qualities enabled the norwegian wunderkind to take Second place?

What was the outcome of the mass start for the russian evgeny Ustyugov?

Are the trends in mens biathlon any different from those of womens? While recovering at Brooke Army medical Center in San Antonio, Soule threw What does the author mean by saying soon the cycle will start all over again? a handcycling event in San Antonio, Soule said, he met marc mast, who ran a youthful, seasoned, established. Which of these and other adjectives used by the author in this article are figures of speech, and which are technical terms in sports?


Soule accepted masts invitation in 2005 and traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho, Cross-country skiers , to attend a development camp for beginning skiers. In 2006, he moved there to train full time and quickly made his mark. Soule won a silver medal at the national championships in 2007, and finished in the top 10 in two World Cup Cross-country skiing races the same year.

On Thursday, Soule finished behind three biathletes from russia, which so far has dominated the paralympics just weeks after its team was widely thought to have underperformed at the Olympics. As of Thursday, russian athletes had overall medal count at the Olympics, is in sixth place, with one gold medal and four medals over all.

thing like this. This is pretty amazing.

Pursuit sitting biathlon 12.5-kilometers Handcycling event bobsleigh 2014


Although the sled has been around for centuries as a mode of transportation, was determined solely by performance at the Olympics, World and european the sport of bobsleigh didnt begin until the late 19th century when the Swiss Championships. Since its inception, however, the World Cup series has added In 1897, the worlds first bobsleigh club was founded in St. moritz, Switzerland, spurring the growth of the sport in winter resorts throughout europe. By 1914, Apart from the British influence in the sports infancy, a strong U.S. presence bobsled races were taking place on a wide variety of natural ice courses. from 1928 to 1956, and recent advances by other countries, bobsledding has The first racing sleds were made of wood but were soon replaced by steel sleds that came to be known as bobsleds, so named because of the way crews By far the most successful bobsledding nations have been Switzerland and bobbed back and forth to increase their speed on the straightaways. Germany.

In 1923, the Fdration Internationale de bobsleigh et de tobogganing (FIBt) The Swiss have won more medals in Olympic, World and european championwas founded and the following year a four-man race took place at the first ever ships and World Cup competitions than any other nation.

Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France. A two-man event was added at the Olympics in lake placid, U.S.A., a format that has remained to the present.

gathered at alpine resorts for weekends of competition and partying. World Championship titles since 1990.

There was no such thing as training. Competitors simply bought or rented Italy also has a long and successful track record in the sport, particularly from asled, started out as a rider and then took the wheel after a few runs. the mid 1950s to late 1960s, and Austria has had its shining moments.

By the 1950s, however, the sport as we know it today had begun to take In World Cup competition the Swiss and Germans have won the most medals, shape. As the critical importance of the start was recognized, strong, fast ath- followed closely by Canadian teams.

letes in other sports were drawn to bobsledding. track and field competitors, handballers, gymnasts and others who could deliver a vigorous push at the start were much sought after.

In 1952, a critical rule change limiting the total weight of crew and sled ended the era of the super heavyweight bobsledder and sealed the future of the sport more athletic crews went hand-in-hand with advances in sleds and tracks. to- medals and two bronze medals were awarded at the Olympics; seven medals day, the worlds top teams train year-round and compete mostly on artificial ice were won by teams from six different nations; eight nations finished among the tracks in sleek high-tech sleds made of fiberglass and steel. top ten in both two-man and four-an events; more nations (25) competed in Until the advent of World Cup competition in the mid-1980s, bobsleigh success represented. FIBt At the 1995 World Champion-ships in Winterberg, no fewer 2014

tions were represented in the top ten of the two-man competition.

Another stage in the evolution of the sport came in the early 1990s with the debut of women bobsledders at events in europe and north America. In OctoCombined track - ber, 1999, the International Olympic Committee added womens bobsleigh, and mens and womens skeleton as full medal sports for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt lake City, U.S.A.

competitions, built a challenging new combined track in 1999 2000. A new anew facility is being built for the 2010 Games in Vancouver/Whistler Canada.

Steering mechanism Natural ice course Fdration (FIBt) Bobsleigh et de competitor Sleek high-tech sled 2014



The sled is an aerodynamic machine made of fiberglass and steel, mounted on four highly polished steel runners. The two front runners have approximately three inches of lateral movement and are attached to ropes held by the driver, man in the four-man sled and in front of the brakeman in the two-man sled. The temperature of the steel runners is taken electronically immediately prior to


each race. Heating the runners is illegal. At the finish line, the sled and crew are weighed to ensure they are below the maximum weight. All sleds are standardAlthough a few natural ice tracks are still in use today, most competitions take ized according to specifications set by the Fdration Internationale de Bobplace on concrete-based tracks with artificial ice surfaces. Although the standsleigh et de tobogganing (FIBt).


In 1985, the following sled standards were introduced by the FIBt to place all


competitors on equal footing.


* The maximum weight includes the crew. Weight bars may be aded to archive maximum weight 2014

the two-man and four-man events. The crew with the lowest combined time is


The FIBt World ranking, initiated in 2007, is used to determine start positions for all major events, including the Olympic Winter Games, FIBt World ChampionArtificial ice surface ships and FIBt World Cup events. Since the ice becomes rougher as the competition progresses, it is an advantage to be among the first on the track. The World ranking system rewards the top crews (based on previous results) with the best start positions. At the first World Cup competition of each season, the World ranking from the previous season is applied. A draw is conducted for the top-10 ranked athletes. The rest of the field starts based on the World ranking order. The rankings also determine nation quotas, and the starting order for the Olympic Winter Games and the World Championships.


In World Cup competition, medals are awarded to the top three rankings, and recognition awards for placing fourth through sixth. In addition, points are awarded to the top-30 finishers in each World Cup race, which leads to the awarding of World Cup titles in each of the disciplines, won by those accumulating the most points over the full season.

Bobsledder/bobsleigher Skintight racing uniform Stretchy material Spikes on the soles 2014

What are the technical features of a bobsleigh sled, and how is it driven?


Why are sleds and crews weighed at the finish line?


Which specifications are standard for sleds?

describe a bobsledders outfit.

Which are the standard and which are the unique features of a bobsleigh track?

What are the specific roles of each of a bobsleigh crew members?

How long does it take a team to cover the distance of the first 50 meters?

How many bobsleigh heats are held at the Olympics and World Championships?

How does the World ranking system work?


rush has been chasing down Steven Holcomb of the United States over the last two seasons. The Olympic champ teamed up with Justin Olsen, Steven time of 1:48.01.

Germanys maxmillian Arndt, rene tiefert, Alexander roediger and martin putze joined forces to solidify the silver medal after clocking in at 1:48.59.

Cup resumes in Igls, Austria, January 14 16, 2011.

Bobsleigh CAnAdA Skeleton is a non-profit organization and the national governing body for the sports of bobsleigh and skeleton in Canada. With the support of its valued corporate partners VISA, dow Chemical, Adidas, Schenker Canada along with the Government of Canada, Canadian Olympic Committee and Own the podium, Bobsleigh CAnAdA Skeleton develops Olympic and world champions.

Pilot four-man crew Breakthrough season .: cross-country skiing 2014


paintings thought to be at least 6 000 years old, discovered in russia in the 1930s, show a hunter wearing cross country skis and skiing alongside some reindeer demonstrate the long history of cross country skiing, which has been


essential to survival in cold climates for centuries. even today, cross country skiing is maybe the best way to survive and to stay fit during the winter In this event, women race 10 km and men race 15 km. A competitor starts season. In fact, elite cross country skiers are widely regarded as the fittest every 30 seconds with the best skiers slated for starting at the very end. Skiers athletes in the world. The sport requires a strong culture of training and the race against the clock and the winner is the skier with the lowest time.

ultimate levels of fitness and toughness in order to succeed.


By the 16th century, the entire Swedish army was fully equipped with skis. The norwegian army held cross-country ski competitions as early as 1767. The first The mass start event was introduced at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt lake civilian event took place in the far north of norway, in 1843. The nordic countries City. Skiers start simultaneously lined up in an arrow format with the best-ranked pioneered cross country skiing, which is now known as one of the nordic disci- positioned at the arrows point. The womens event is 30 km and the mens is plines of the Olympic Winter Games, along with ski jumping and nordic combined. 50 km. Skiing shorter loops in this event allows competitors to pass through the in 1924, in 18-kilometer and 50-kilometer races for men. Women cross country country skiing technique known as skating or free technique became a separate Cross country is organized into two techniques: classical, where the skis move lined up in an arrow format with the best-ranked skiers at its point. At the halfparallel to each other through machine-groomed tracks in the snow, and free way point of the race, athletes enter the stadium and change skis and poles technique where skiers propel themselves in a manner similar to speed skating, as quickly as possible. The women ski 7.5 km classical followed by 7.5 km free pushing off with the edge of their skis. Classic technique is the original, ancient while the men ski 15 km classical followed by 15 km free. Short loops ensure method of skiing. Free technique is more modern, having been pioneered by the competitors pass through the stadium every 6 to 8 minutes. The first athU.S. Ski team member Bill Koch in the early 80s, and is slightly faster than lete over the finish line wins.

classical almost 10% faster on average. Bill Koch used the free technique


to propel himself to the overall World Cup title in 1982, and remains the only American ski racer to win not only that title, but also an Olympic medal (silver, 1976) and a World Championship medal (bronze, 1982).

sprint, 10 km individual start, 15 km pursuit, 30 km mass start and the 4x5two skiers from each heat, plus the top two fastest from each round advancing km relay. men compete in individual sprint, team sprint, 15 km individual start, 30 km pursuit, 50 km mass start and the 4x10 km relay. The technique used 2014


In the team sprint, each team consists of two athletes who alternate skiing the sprint course three times each for a total of 6 laps. After an initial semi-final round consisting of 10 15 teams in each heat, the best five teams from two semi-finals qualify for the final round. Athletes must perform a correct exchange between laps by physically touching their teammate without interfering or obFighting for the line Competing to cross the finish line structing other teams. The winning team is the first team to cross the finish line after the completion of all 6 laps.


The relay begins in a mass start format with teams lined up in rows and the exFree technique/style Individual sprint Best-ranked skiers Qualification round 2014




Harvey is the U23 World Champion from Otep this year. In Oslo, he and about these guys and hopefully I will be ahead of them next year.

devon Kershaw sensationally became world champions in classical team sprint and gave Canada its first male gold medal from the World Championships or Olympic Winter Games. FIS Cross-Country news had a chance to interview Alex Harvey after the season.

Q: Alex Harvey, in which way are you special?

Alex Harvey: Well, I really have no idea in which way I am special. you should probably ask my girlfriend or teammates.

Q: Where do you see your biggest strength?

Alex Harvey: I think my mental part makes me strong. Ive always managed de Ski. We also have a new guy, len Valjas. He is a really strong sprinter but he can to achieve my career best results at major events such as the Games or World ski well in long distance too. last year he won the OpA Cup race over 15 km. When Championships. When I was a junior I also skied well at the Junior World Cham- he is in a pretty good shape and after one more year of training lenny could be a pionship so I think my strength is that I can focus on the most important two good guy for the relay team. So definitely we have a chance for a podium.

weeks of the season.

Q: You finished tenth in the overall World Cup standing. Did you hope for top ten before the season?

Alex Harvey: Im surprised because this year I was not racing for the overall day how the race is evolving. Bonuses and intermediate sprints in races are World Cup. I wanted to do well in the tour de Ski and really well in the World good as well and make competitions attractive. In general I think our sport is Championships so I achieved the two most important goals for me. top 10 in evolving well and in the right direction.

the overall World Cup standing is a bonus in my best year Q: Whats the key for your best season ever?

Alex Harvey: I think its training in the summer. Im still young and every year I can train more and recover better too. I didnt change much in my training just was able to train a little bit more and recover well.

Q: How will you continue after this successful season?

Alex Harvey: Well, I start 1st may to train hard and Ill be thinking about the them when training, when I am going hard and its painful. I will be thinking 2014



Which of his qualities gives Alex Harvey his biggest strength?

What are his plans for the future?

Why does he think a Canadian relay team has a chance for the podium?

What is his opinion about the overall development of cross-country skiing?


Section of the course Classical technique Free technique / Standing athlete , Sitting athlete , Visually impaired athlete Able-bodied skier Paraplegic Race with interval start Each team member skis one leg each participant covers one section of the 2014



paralympic Cross-country Skiing will be taking place at the Whistler Olympic Classical technique skiing is done from the sitting position on the sit-ski These park located just south of Whistler in the spectacular Callaghan Valley. Individu- skiers are unable to move out of the parallel tracks and the skier propels the als and teams are beginning to visit the park to become familiar with the facili- sit-ski along with the specially adapted poles.

ties and get the layout of the land.

For instance, the 2007 paralympic cross-country skiers USA long distance year for athletes who excel in other sports. Here they are taught how to cross champion monica Bascio and silver medallist Bob Balk and Greg mallory, all sit- country ski on a sit ski sledge. One of the coaches is paralympic Silver medallist I absolutely love it up here. I am so thankful that I am able to see the trails Staff Sgt. erik Avla was the first serviceman to be wounded in the Iraq invasion The skiers stated the course offers excellent terrain for sit-ski competition. It will be very fast.

Kreamelmeyer said after checking the course that the terrain was very good and deceivingly difficult.

As with all of the paralympic winter sports, athletes compete against athletes with similar disabilities and are placed in different categories.

Those with visual impairment ski with a guide who will direct with the voice.

Standing skiers will use the same type of ski equipment as skiers without disabilities. Those who have no use of their legs will compete using the sit-ski sledge. These sledges have skis attached to the bottom as runners.

There are two techniques used in paralympic Cross-country Skiing Free style The winner is the one with the lowest calculated time.

and Classic.

Free style skiing is done on the section of track without groomed tracks in made up from different categories that are balanced out so that each team is 2014

Guide who will direct with the voice visually impaired skiers assistant giving oral Make good time on the course show good speed results in cross-country skiing curling 2014



WAylAnd, mass., Feb. 25 for the last two weeks, matt dursos life has revolved around curling, an Olympic sport that he had never played and, to be honest, did not fully understand.

Curlers aimed for the bulls eye in a tournament last week at the Broomstones club in Wayland, mass.

to better grasp the game, mr. durso, 22, a student at lyndon State College directors of the Kettle moraine Curling Club in Hartland, Wisc.

in lyndonville, Vt., and two friends woke up early Saturday morning and drove three and a half hours to Broomstones, a curling club in this town 18 miles west of Boston, to attend a learn-to-curl open house. Ive been watching every match every day, mr. durso said. Ive been obsessed.

And so, it seems, have millions of other people around the country who are becoming entranced by a sport many liken to shuffleboard on ice.

The United States Curling Associations Web site crashed on Feb. 16, when it received 12.5 million hits. The association said dozens of clubs around the country held open houses this month, capitalizing on the Olympic coverage, and many drew record turnouts.

pete mcCuen, the president of the Ardsley Curling Club in Ardsley-on-Hudson, n.y., said traffic on the clubs Web site had tripled in recent weeks and the club was busy booking corporate events and parties. In los Angeles, more than people have signed up in the past week to an Internet mailing list about startits the only chance I have at ever winning an Olympic medal in my life, said ing a curling club.

Here at Broomstones, more than 1,000 aspiring curlers showed up for the five-hour open house, some waiting outside upwards of an hour in snow and temperatures in the 20s. Theres a lot of buzz out there, said dan Williams, the clubs president.

larity in the 2002 Salt lake City games. This year, nBC broadcast 26 Olympic curling matches. Through Thursday, 37 million viewers had watched curling, the network said. That number does not include the mens gold-medal match or the bronze-medal match, which the United States team won.


But none of that appears to deter the fanatics. Im broke and I would absolutely do it, mr. Brosowsky said. I would spend my last dollar.

Avid curlers said one of the biggest draws of the sport was its social aspect.

tradition says that the winning team buys the losing team a round of drinks, and everyone sits around the bar and rehashes the match.

Theres a lot of civility in the game, said dan Johnson, communications officer of the dallas-Fort Worth curling club. Theres handshaking before and after. you call your own fouls. Theres no referee. youre expected to abide by the traditions of the game.

It just kind of hooks you, he said.

He put his foot in a starting block, raised his hips and let the stone go, then month. plus its a very obscure thing to say you do.

Aspiring curler / Sweeping 㠗 2014

Why did mr. durso and two of his friends drive to Boomstones?

What do millions of other people around the country liken curling to?


What did pete mcCuen say about the traffic on the clubs website?

What was the weather like when more than 1,000 aspiring curlers showed up?

Where did curling originate?

Why is it so difficult to cast a stone on ice?

What does ethan A. Brosowsky say about watching a curling game?

How do folks at Broomstones reel people in to take up curling?


Contact on the wrong side of the Swiss stone would have risked knocking it straight on to the British stone behind it and leaving it in a winning position.

The yellow stone connected just right of centre and, as its enemy went slightly left, it glided perfectly into place in the button.

Cue huge celebrations from martin and her teammates debbie Knox, Janice rankin, Fiona macdonald and margaret morton and tears all round from the disconsolate Swiss.

I was just panicking on the last stone, martin admitted.

I hadnt played one like that for a wee while. It was just a case of having faith was good when they jumped in the air.

Scores tied at 3 3 in 3:3 Draw a stone round , Sweeping 㠗 , 2014

VAnCOUVer Canadas Jim Armstrong, just two years into his revitalized Jaeger celebrated long and hard before collapsing in tears in the arms of his curling career and commanding the national wheelchair curling team for the first teammates. It was Germanys first-ever podium finish, following a 13th-place time, won his countrys first World Wheelchair Curling Championship title with a finish at the 2005 worlds.

9-2 win over Swedish veteran Jalle Jungnell.

Canadas debut gold in the fast-growing paralympic discipline comes after dual Switzerland, marking the first time that country made a podium appearance.

fourth-place finishes in 2008 and 2007, and a sixth-place finish in 2005.

In 2006, Canada, led by skip Chris daw, surprised Great Britain to win paralym- at the new Vancouver Olympic Centre, which will play host to the 2010 Olpic gold at pinerolo, Italy. It feels fantastic, said Armstrong. Its been a big ympic Winter Games curling competition and the 2010 paralympic Wheelchair learning curve, and this is my first big event of consequence. We struggled Curling competition.

early, and as the week went on and on we got stronger and stronger. The team played great.

Armstrong, a dentist from nearby richmond, took advantage of shaky opening In the fourth end, Canada built a solid end and counted two with Armstrongs final throw still to come. After debating a double-takeout for five as opposed to a draw for three the six-time Brier competitor tried a tap for four, but But it was all Canada the rest of the way, with Sweden repeatedly scrambling to stay alive. In the sixth end, Jungnell made a nervy come-around tap for one against five Canadian counters. We have not yet hit our stride, said Armstrong.

Jungnell, the 2006 paralympic bronze medallist, played the entire event with into full-time action, and the team came together quickly. Obviously it is very great for us to go this far, said Jungnell. One difference (today) is that Canada played really, really well.

The silver marked Jungnells highest-ever finish in six major competitions.

Bronze, silver... whats next? Jungnell grinned.



Who led the Canadian team when it won the paralympic gold in pinerolo, Italy, in 2006?

Why did Armstrong call the game a big learning curve?

How did Jungnell play the entire event?

describe the game for the bronze medal between Germany and the USA.

Why will Canadian Wheelchair Curling team get an automatic entry at the paralympic Winter Games?


Federation Sweeping 㠗 Figure skating 2014



evgeni plushenko landed an impressive quad toe-triple toe combination at europeans.

The top four men all scored personal bests in the short program at the european and failed to complete the second jump in the combination.

Figure Skating Championships with russias evgeni plushenko coming out on top.

scored 91.30 points while skating to Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin rodIt was not a good performance for me, lambiel said. I made a big mistake on rigo. He landed a quadruple toe loop-triple toe loop combination, followed by a triple Axel and triple lutz.

everything went well except for a little wobble on the combination spin that was mecanique by maxime rodriguez. preaubert is in sixth place after the short.

kind of unexpected, plushenko said. I did the quad-triple and that was really imThe Frenchman landed a triple flip-triple toe combination, triple Axel and triple portant. The jumps are, after all, the most important thing in mens figure skating.

The 2009 european mens champion, Frances Brian Joubert, stood in second have done better.

place with 88.55 points for his program to rise by Safri duo. Joubert, who toe-double toe combination, triple Axel and triple lutz.

It wasnt easy for me to skate last, especially after the kind of performance the J. Geils Band. Contesti completed a triple lutz-triple toe combination, triple that evgeny plushenko had, Joubert said. Im a little disappointed because I Axel and triple flip.

did a quad-double combination instead of a quad-triple.

Frances yannick ponsero, the fourth-place finisher at last years european place after the short with 72.75 points, almost ten points below his best score.

Championships, was third after the short program with 82.40 points.

ponsero, skating to la Corrida and diem, completed a quad toe-double toe com- landed a triple Axel but stepped out of an under-rotated quad toe loop in his bination, triple Axel and triple Salchow. I am very satisfied about my performance, opening quad toe-triple toe combination and had to add a double toe loop to a thats for sure, ponsero said. even more that its my seasons best performance. triple lutz later in the program to complete a combination.

Czech skater michal Brezina, skating to Irving Berlins puttin On the ritz, Germanys Stefan lindemann finished ninth with a personal best 70.19 points scored 79.60 points to place fourth. He landed a triple Axel, triple lutz, and after starting in the early group.

triple flip-triple toe combination.

The performance went really well, Brezina said. Only one small mistake on years since I competed at europeans.

the triple Axel. I did not land in the center, but it did work out well.


Double/triple/quadruple Combination Triple axel , . . Triple lutz , Quad-triple Quad toe double toe combination Triple salchow ⠗ , Triple flip triple toe combination Under-rotated 2014



yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov used a monster free skate score to prolai, the couple had a negative GOe on only one element when mukhortova put pel them to gold.

russians yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov scored 139.23 points in the free skate to win the free program and the gold medal in pairs at the european Figure Skating Championships in tallinn, estonia.

This is great for us, Kavaguti said. We didnt expect it. The audience helped us them well ahead of the following teams. Their total of 187.83 points left them The couple, who trailed three-time defending champions Aliona Savchenko and We did quite well, Volosozhar said. Stanislav went for each jump, which he robin Szolkowy of Germany by only.20 after the short program, had a total doesnt always do. yesterday I felt we were a little under-marked. The difference score of 213.15 points, a winning margin of 1.43. This was the first time that in points to the top three shouldnt have been so big.

they had beaten the German couple.

Kavaguti and Smirnov skated to Valse Sentimentale by tchaikovsky and An Harbor by Hans Zimmer.

der schnen blauen donau by Johann Strauss. They had positive Grades of execution (GOes) on all of the elements except for a bad landing on the sidesilver medallists, placed fifth overall with 159.84 points after scoring a perby-side triple toe loops.

best, but still placed second in the free skate. With 211.72 total points, they won the silver medal.

We are a little bit disappointed as we came here to win, Savchenko said, but the next competition (the Olympic Games) is the biggest and most important one.

the German couple had positive GOes on all but two elements. Savchenko two-footItalys nicole della monica and yannick Kocon placed fifth in the free skate with ed the landing of the throw triple flip and doubled her side-by-side triple Salchow.

russias maria mukhortova and maxim trankov, who were third after the short They skated to music from the motion picture soundtrack of The mission by program, maintained that position in the free skate with 128.49 points, just short ennio morricone.

of their personal best. Their total of 202.03 earned them the bronze medal.

We didnt skate clean, so we didnt get high marks, trankov said. But we didnt think about scores during the program. We just wanted to give our best.


triple toe loops Side-by-side triple , (GOE) ISU . Put both hands down on the landing Junior pairs silver Why were Aliona Savchenko and robin Szolkowy disappointed with their performance?

medallists ISU (International 2014


Oksana domnina and maxim Shabalin snagged ice dancing gold at the european Figure Skating Championships.

dance at the european Championships with a season-best 96.71 points skating the free dance, the couple finished with the silver medal for the second year in a row with a total of 195.86 points.

medal. today we were first in the free dance, so it couldnt be better.

russias Oksana domnina and maxim Shabalin, the 2009 world ice dance silver as last year, with 188.51 points.

medallists, won the gold medal with a score of 199.25 points on the strength of a 5.31-point margin over the Italians in the compulsory dance.

The russian dancers, who won the european Championships two years ago 94.98 points.

We had some big problems with the elements, domnina said. We got some low levels and we need to look at them. But we have only ourselves to blame.

The dancers were one of three top couples using music from the motion picture four after the original dance, which is pretty tough.

soundtrack requiem for a dream, which was the middle piece in their program.

They started and ended with selections from the motion picture soundtrack The double life of Veronique by Zbigniew preisner.

russias Jana Khokhlova and Sergei novitski, the 2009 european ice danc- the free dance and 176.10 points overall to finish sixth in the free and overall ing champions, could not repeat their success, although they won their third after placing only ninth in the original dance.

straight medal at the european Championships, a bronze this time.

Skating to Stravinskys Firebird in a new free dance which featured their usual like we left some points on the table, Cappellini said. today we wanted to give unique lifts as well as bird-like movements from Khokhlova, the dancers had out everything. There was nothing more to give.

aseason best score of 93.21 points in the free dance to place third in the free 2014

the original dance, finished in the same position in the free dance with 84. 171.28, and finished eighth overall.

russiaa ekaterina Bobrova and dmitri Soloviev scored 84.90 points, seventh in the free dance, and placed ninth overall, just.02 behind the Ukrainians.

The skaters in general expressed dislike for new rules, which went into effect from 24 to 20, omitting a home country competitor unless they made the top 20, and splitting off the bottom four dancers in a group by themselves followed We knew that it was about a medal We understood we were fighting for during the break, circus acts performed on the ice including fire jugglers, bungee artists, three women performing aerial ballet on silks, and ladies skating with fireworks and torches. The performance filled the arena with smoke before the final three groups competed.

If you want to see a circus, go to one, John Kerr said, but this is supposed to be a figure skating competition. Its ridiculous that they cut the last group off from the rest of the competition. All the skaters and coaches, even the judges hate it.

Original dance . 2010 2011 How did russias Jana Khokhlova and Sergei novitski perform?

⠗ , .

, .

Freestyle 2014


He was never supposed to be in this position. The smart money was on Jennifer Hell, Charles Hamelin or maybe even manuel Osborne-paradis and his downhill disciples to end Canadas gold-medal hex as an Olympic host nation on the first full day of competition.

But a variety of near-misses, flame-outs and weather woes left Alexandre Bilodeau with a chance at history a day later, and the man from montreal where the monkey first climbed onto Canadas back in 1976,12 years before he was even born didnt need a second invitation.

As the penultimate skier down Cypress mountain, the one-time ice hockey star deftly picked his way through the moguls field throwing in a back double full and a back iron cross for good measure and reached the foot of the slope in time to see older brother Frederic punch the air.

What his sibling seemed to realize at that moment became common knowledge across the nation minutes later, as Frenchman Gullbaut Colass sixth-place finish gold in its third stint as Olympic host.

Frederics presence in the crowd was especially poignant for Alex, having learned the value of taking your opportunities while watching his brothers daily struggles with cerebral palsy throughout their upbringing.

He wakes up in the morning and hes got that big smile. He goes to bed, hes got that big smile. If you look at him, hes got all the right to complain.

And how many times do we complain in a day?... Alex Bilodeau explained of his brother. Thats when you put everything back in perspective and you say: I should just shut up and swallow and go train. I got the chance to be an Olympic champion or go to the Olympics and I have to take it. Because he doesnt have that chance.

The complaints came instead from south of the equator, with Australia insisting that its skier, Vancouver-born defending champion dale Begg-Smith, had deserved better than the silver he received.


Downhill disciples Moguls field (table) 렗 , Back double full 렗 堗 - Who was the smart money on the Canadian team?

* . : What earnings do experts predict for Bilodeau over the next few years?

, - . . .

Montreal where the monkey first First Olympic Games (montreal 1976) hosted climbed onto Canadas back in 1976 by Canada didnt bring any gold medals to the 2014


mens and womens ski halfpipe has been added to the 2014 Winter Olympics in mens and womens snowboard slopestyle and mens and womens ski slopeAnother step forward occurred in September 2010, when the IOC program style were not added to the program at this time.

This is a great day, Christophe dubi, the IOCs sports director, said. A decision inclusion to the IOC executive board.

will be made in the coming month [regarding slopestyle] after further feasibility mittee, FIS [skiings governing body] as well, prior to making a final decision.

dubi confirmed that a decision on slopestyle is expected in a matter of weeks.

For the upcoming slopestyle decision, the IOC is sending a team to Sochi to conThe good news? At that meeting, the IOC confirmed that ski and snowboard duct a feasibility report. We need extra information about the capacity for the athletes and the spectators in the region, said IOC president Jacques rogge at a later press conference at the london meetings. If you add more events, you Ski halfpipe athletes are excited about the news. Ive always wanted to go to the Olympics, so this is a dream come true, Canadian pipe skier mike riddle said. Ive been pushing for ski halfpipe inclusion for years now, so this makes my goal very clear for the next three years. This is basically a life-changing decision for me.

For slopestyle athletes, the decision is bittersweet. Im happy theyre acceptwould continue to govern their sport and that the addition of Olympic qualifying ing a little bit of freeskiing in there. But Im also super disappointed, Winter X ski slopestyle champion Sammy Carlson said. Theyve been working at pipe longer than slope and theres been a lot of hype of ski pipe getting in, so I understand. But to me, it makes more sense to accept slopestyle: Kids everywhere who ski their local hill can get into jumps and rails, but not every ski area has a halfpipe. Kids can relate more to slopestyle.

The IOCs debate on ski halfpipe and ski and snowboard slopestyle has been more than 10 months in the making.


The unofficial Canadian halfpipe team will be legitimatized and American skiers Jumps and rails will be able to follow ski pipes Jen Hudaks lead in training at the U.S. Ski team The IOC also wins, bringing in a sport that appeals to a young demographic and giving the Olympic Games more universal appeal. At the 2010 Vancouver OlymCommission (Olympic , pics, the live coverage of Shaun Whites gold medal in snowboarding halfpipe helped nBC capture 30.1 million viewers in the U.S.

Involving freeskiing in the Olympics will bring a younger, fresher, edgier feel to the Olympics, similar to how snowboarding halfpipe did, pipe and slopestyle skier Gus Kenworthy said. Im eagerly awaiting the 2014 Games and cant wait to see what the incorporation of freeskiing will do both for the Olympics and for our sport.

Olympic qualifying , , . . 6 2014

Feasibility study Study designed to determine the practicability When will a decision regarding slopestyle be made?

Life-changing decision Very important decision that impacts ones life Established qualifier recognized organization engaged in athletes Appeals to a young demographic Is very popular with the youth Ice hockey 2014



Canucks goaltender thanks hometown crowd as he refutes theory that he cant roberto luongo and Sidney Crosby stood on opposite ends of the gold-medal lineup, the only two Canadians to garner personalized serenades from the celan eject button and a failure to secure the puck led to Zach parises tying goal ebratory crowd at Canada Hockey place.

true to bashful form, Crosby gave a little wave.

But when it was luongos turn to respond to a chorus of, loooo from his dis- U.S. forward ryan Kesler noted luongo was fighting the puck and predicted ciples, the goaltender stepped across the blue ceremonial carpet, and skated a the Americans would get an equalizer by pouring shots on goal. told of the small circle near centre-ice, his index finger raised high in the air. American benchs assessment of his weakness, luongo said: Im wearing gold I had to pay a little back, said luongo, the only Vancouver Canucks player on the Canadian Olympic team, which beat the United States 3-2 in overtime The 30-year-old was also queried about his reputation in big games, and where every time I touched the puck. It was just to give back a little.

ryan miller of the United States, who was chosen the tournaments top goalIll leave that [reputation] up to you guys, the montreal native said. But I got tender and its most valuable player, made 36 saves last night in a near upset in save percentage (94.56). He was second in goals-against average (1.35) and Im very frustrated, he said. We got ourselves in a position to win from two miller was given a loud ovation by the crowd when introduced in the medal ceremony. during postgame handshakes, the 30-year-old from east lansing, mich., was pulled aside by his head coach in the nHl, Buffalos lindy ruff, an Hes a teammate, but this one stings, Kesler said when asked how the two will assistant on Canadas bench, who whispered a few words of encouragement. co-exist in the Canuks dressing room. Its going to take a couple of weeks.


In overtime ( ) League) .

Playoff series - ( ) Series-winning goal Stanley Cup 蠗 , - How did he take this query?




media mix zone at UBC Thunderbird Arena never have losers been so happy, at rin lehmann was all smiles. Goaltender Florence Schelling in net for every They should have been disconsolate, humiliated and embarrassed. They were anything but.

lehmann had said the day before how her team had to be serious and real- Bliss in defeat encapsulates state of Joy for a defeat does not stimulate the developistic and that they needed a genie to beat the Canadian women. now, she womens game ment of womens ice hockey was talking about how Switzerland met one of its goals. That is, it scored one She called the goal gorgeous and said the team was happy it came with seconds remaining in the second, so they could celebrate it in their dressing room between periods, even while trailing 5-1.

Schelling just missed out on her goal allowing less than double digits. She was asked if the Swiss went into this game thinking they could win.

no, she answered flatly. And no elaboration was necessary. No elaboration was necessary This is what womens ice hockey had come to at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

little targets when up against the big, bad women from north America. losers behave like winners. Winners are asked to apologize for the margin of victory.

The north Americans are so amped to beat each other, theyve widened the gap Are so amped to beat each other Are so keen on defeating each other to Grand Canyonsized proportions. In their haste to beat each other, theyre losing perspective of the bigger picture, and dont seem to realize the damage that The Swiss were so infectious Joy of the Swiss was so contagious 10-1, 18-0, and 12-1 scores are doing.

Good thing the Swiss were so infectious at this moment. Otherwise, there Why was captain Kathrin lehmann all smiles after her teams defeat?


Was it possible for the Swiss team to beat the Canadians?


Why did european losers behave like winners?

What had womens ice hockey come to at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

do you think north American will dominate in womens ice hockey for long?

What does the author call the Grand Canyonsized proportions?


Paralympic sledge - Sledge hockey team - Athlete with a disability /- International Ice Hockey (IIHF) Federation (IIHF) Aluminum or steel sledge fitted Double-ended stick Round-robin tournament Luge 2014


tected by steel, air bags and anti-lock brakes. And then there are those of us who ask, Can we remove all protective mechanisms, get close enough to kiss the pavement and lie down so we cant see real well? replace pavement with ice, and youve got yourself the makings of a luge team.

luge is one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympic games, and the athis then sprayed with water to create the approximate 2-inch surface of ice.

letes who race down an icy, high-banked track at up to 90 mph (140 km/h) are a special breed. In this article, well learn all about Olympic luge and find out what it takes to finish first.

If you think the luge is dangerous, then you need to read the article on ice climbuphill) and at least one S-type curve combination like the labyrinth, which coning and watch video from discoverys Fearless planet to see what winter sports are really all about. The track In Olympic luge, the slider (usually not called a luger) lies down on a fiberglass sled, with no braking system, and heads feet-first down an icy track.

There are actually two types of luge: natural track and artificial track.

In natural-track luge (naturbahn), the track is made of packed snow and ice. The slope on a natural luge track is no greater than 1.5 percent (about 1 degree), meaning that for every 100 feet of track, the maximum elevation change is 1. feet. Speeds can reach up to 50 mph (80 kph). Anyone can make a natural luge track if he has enough snow to work with.

In artificial-track luge (kunstbahn), the track is steeper and has high-banked turns, with an average slope of 8 to 11 percent (about 5 to 6 degrees). Speeds on an artificial track can reach 90 mph (140 kph) American slider tony Benwhere theyre going and try to keep the sled in the sweet spot that will carry shoof holds the Guinness record for fastest luge speed at 86.6 mph.


Olympic luge is kunstbahn, and its not for the meek. two weeks before the start of the 1964 Innsbruck Games, a slider from the British luge team died on the luge track during a practice run. Crashing at 90 mph on an icy track can be very ugly, and luge athletes often face serious injuries if they come off the sled.


in the world is having your head dragging on the ice at 120 kilometers per hour.

For the level of danger sliders face on each run, the amount of protective gear they wear is shockingly sparse. In the next section, well examine the equipment of luge.


For all the complexity of navigating a luge course, the equipment involved is pretty limited. Theres a sled, a racing suit, gloves, boots and a helmet. every piece of equipment in luge is designed for utmost aerodynamics, minimal friction and top speed.

A luge sled is a high-tech machine. Its made primarily of fiberglass and steel, and its custom built for each athlete based on his or her height, weight and proportions. luge teams contract companies to design and build their sleds based on custom specifications. Olympic slider Georg Hackl actually took his sled to the porsche engineering Group for some speed tweaks prior to the 2002 Olymsee The physics section) pics. But its not just about design its also about using the best materials. In 2004, the USA luge team called on US Steel to design a new type of steel for its sled runners in order to improve speed and performance.

sliders shoulders to his or her knees, and there is no head support.

The sled consists of:


two steels The steels are the only part of the sled that contacts the ice.

Steels are made of metal and are very sharp two bridges The bridges are made of steel. They connect to the runners ners are usually made of fiberglass and are the main steering mechanism of legs, sliders apply pressure to one or the other runner bow in order to steer through the course (they can also steer by making small movements with racing pod The pod is the platform on which the slider lies. Its usually two grips There is a handle on either side of the pod for the slider to hold mediately uses his hands (in the spiked gloves) to paddle through the first 10 feet or so of the track. This helps him gain some speed before lying down on the sled.

The initial push-off (top left); paddling through the start of the course (top noted by the satellite and the time noted by the ground system matches to at right); lying flat on the sled (bottom left) and navigating a high-banked curve least the second thousandth of a second, the timing system is ready for a race.

(bottom right) Approaching the start of the downhill, the slider lies down on the sled in a prone take a look at the physics involved in making it from the start to the finish.

position. This is his body position for the remainder of the run. From this prone position, with his head lifted only enough to have some idea where hes going, the slider navigates the twists, turns and straightaways with his body simultaneously tight and relaxed. This is not an easy state to achieve the body must be stiff enough to maximize acceleration (any wobbling or looseness would increase friction between the sled and the track) and yet relaxed enough to absorb the intense forces acting on the slider throughout the run. Since steering increases friction, the slider steers as little as possible, only pressing on the bows when necessary. most of the time, control is a matter of being one with the sled and letting gravity do its thing.

If a slider crosses the finish line without his sled, the run is thrown out, which means Sled/sleigh / automatic disqualification since all of the run times count toward the final score.

However, the slider can cross the finish line carrying his sled, and the run counts. Head feet-first Olympic luge is timed to the thousandth of a second for comparison, the blink of an eye takes 12 thousandths of a second.

a light transmitter/receiver pair at each end of the run. The transmitter is on one the timer when he crosses the line because he blocks the light beam. At the the womens silver was two-thousandths of a second, the smallest margin in luge of controversy, and engineers were called in to calculate the systems margin of error. They found it to be approximately two-thousandths of a second. This triggered Grips/handles a high-tech addition to the timing setup. Since the 1998 Games, luge timing systems have been calibrated before each race using a GpS satellite with an atomic Spiked gloves clock thats accurate to the 10-10 seconds (every GpS satellite has an atomic clock built in see How GpS receivers Work). The calibration process is basically about Blanket record


Why is luge considered one of the most dangerous sports?

What is a sliders racing position?

What is the difference between natural track and artificial track?

What is a typical length of a luge track?

What does the track configuration include?

describe the equipment of a slider?

What disciplines does the Olympic luge include?

How can a slider gain speed at the start?

What are a sliders movements on track?

What happens if a slider crosses the finish line without the sled?

Why do they use a GpS satellite with an atomic clock in the Olympic luge timing?

When is the timing system considered ready for a race?


That one or two percent change, getting.2 to.25 more miles per gallon might not mean much to an individual, but to Walmart or United Van lines, its a big difference, Bohl said.

miniscule changes in how the sled handles drag could have a similar impact for elite athletes. The study wont change the drag of the athletes body, which can be more significant than the sled, but it can address a piece of the puzzle.

The openness that doug Bohl encountered from USA luge from the time BaiThe best ideas can then be tested on actual sleds in San diego with the goal of ley Bohl started moving into the sport seriously two years ago allowed him to brainstorm ideas about where USA luges needs and his departments work could connect.

On trips to lake placid, n.y., where USA luge is headquartered, for Baileys training, doug Bohl found himself in conversations with some of the leaders of The nice thing about luge athletes and coaches is they are very accessible, Bohl said. While Bailey was sliding at the luge club, duncan Kennedy and I started talking about sleds.

Olympic Winter Games.

I also remembered when the bobsled teamed up with (nASCAr driver) Geoff Bodine and reading about that with interest, Bohl said.

Bohl shared ideas with USA luge programs director and two-time Winter They got the ball rolling, Sheer said, and Ive stepped in while mark is out on Tractor-trailer Sheer has put time into research since his competitive days ended shortly after he earned an Olympic silver medal with partner Chris Thorpe at the nagano Development coach ( ) The team would go to the wind tunnel from time to time, but really, post retire ment is when Ive become more involved with it, he said.

Olympic athletes and newcomers to the sport learn how difficult it is to save thousandths of seconds.

Its a sport where everything matters, Sheer said, so every type of improvement that you can make will translate to something on the track.


Minute difference Very small, infinitesimal difference What are the Olympic winter sports in which times are measured to 1/1000 of a second?

Shave thousandths of seconds off to cut the racing time by thousandths of What did mechanical engineering professors at Clarkson University do to increase the speed of Rounder or flatter in the belly round or flatten the pod of a sled Specialize in the experimental and in Be engaged in practical experiments and in makthe computational side ing computer models As one set gets answered, another As soon as the answer to one question is found, nordic combined 2014




The American nordic combined team led by stalwarts todd lodwick, Billy demong and Johnny Spillane heads into Thursdays individual large hill/10kilometer competition with two medals to its credit.

Spillane won the Americans first-ever Olympic nordic combined medal Feb. 14, finishing second to World Cup leader Jason lamy Chappuis of France in the individual normal hill/10km event at Whistler Olympic park.

The United States earned another silver medal in nordic combined on tuesday, when lodwick, demong, Spillane and Brett Camerota placed second to the perincubator, Steamboat Springs.

ennial powerhouse from Austria. It remains to be seen whether the Americans can engineer a three-peat in the looming nordic combined final.

That will be something that no other nation will be able to say at these Games, lodwick said. The U.S. is the only country that has been on the podium twice.

lodwick, 33, is a five-time Olympian from Steamboat Springs, Colo. demong championships. The quartet is rounded out by the 25-year-old Camerota, an Olympic rookie who shone during tuesdays team competition.

Another medal would further increase the profile of the sport, which combines ski jumping and cross-country skiing.

demong, who is from Vermontville, n.y. Theres still a lot of people who live south of snow country who think maybe were skiing and shooting or we jump Individual large hill/ , But for the most part, a lot of people who ski, now know what nordic comIndividual normal , bined is. you see that in talking to people who follow any winter sports at all.

In our press conferences going into the Olympics, not one reporter asked us anything about what we do as much as some really legit questions about how we were going to do and what weve been doing to get ready. Theres a muchthree + repeat) more educated public and press now as to what nordic combined is.

to get medals at the Olympics, when it comes right down to it, thats the only Perennial powerhouse from Austria Invariably powerful Austrian team


Who are the leaders of the US nordic Combined team?

What remains to be seen in the looming nordic Combined final?

How many times did todd lodwick participate in the Olympic Games?

What should the public pay attention to according to Johnny Spillane?

Why are Johnny and todd particularly lucky going in for nordic Combined?


them more during the time that I was done than I was while I was skiing. It was give and take. I definitely slept in the house every night, but I was an 8-to-5 guy.

It was definitely a decision that I would do again, for sure. It was nice to get on a roll, you keep rolling with it.

away from the sport. I came back to it and appreciate my accomplishments in the sport in my earlier career probably more now than I did while I was doing it, taking a step back and peering through the bubble and looking back at the pages of the first part of my career.

The second part has been highlighted by his first two world-championship gold so I dont want to miss out on the opportunities to catch my sons first steps or medals, captured in 2009 in the individual and normal hill sprint events. be a part of my daughters school program and be the father around the house.

In the excitement of the moment in liberec, Czech republic, he described his If someone gave you a book and it said, Skier comes out of retirement in may and trains hard and hes going to win three Continental Cups. And then hes And then hes going to disappear before the world championships and hes going to come back and kill everybody and be the first-ever skier in modern history The Olympics individual normal hill competition is set for Sunday, followed by to ever win both the jumping and cross-country race, I think people would go, the team event (Feb. 23) and individual large hill (Feb. 25).

Well, thats a fairy tale, lodwick said.

I was the one who wrote the book, and I was the one who believed in it and refined the book. I believed in the book. I didnt care what anyone said about the A final chapter is not imminent even if lodwick receives a long-awaited gold medal at Whistler.

that, in a great scenario, I pulled a John elway, he said. That would be sweet.

Its kind of hard to think that Ive trained so hard now and Ill (soon) be done.

But not at the expense of family time. during Chapter 2 of his career, lodwick Individual large hill has strived to balance skiing and commitment to his wife (Sunny), daughter competition (four-year-old Charley) and son (17-month-old Finn).

lodwick has opted for a limited schedule on the World Cup circuit, without any negative effect on his performance. His successful comeback, punctuated by the two world-championship gold medals, demonstrates that the approach is sound.

I found out over the years, especially these last two years more than anything 2014

Has eyes on elusive Olympic medal dreams of a hard-to-reach Olympic medal How did todd lodwick comment on being included in the impressive list of luminaries?

Nordic Combined haven place that harbor nordic Combined/nordic How has the second part of lodwicks career been highlighted?

Peering through the bubble trying to grasp the meaning When you get on a roll, you keep As soon as you start doing something, you get Short track 2014


After winning 500-meter gold, Charles Hamelin kisses his girlfriend, marianne always say whats on his mind, hes a pretty calm guy, but on the ice and even when Canadas short-track speed skaters call it the bubble and 25-year-old Charles Hamelin entered a thick-walled one last Wednesday evening, shortly after For the first two distances it didnt appear that way, but Hamelins two golds emerging to speak to the media following the 500-meter heats. wiped away an Olympics to that point characterized by frustration and sub-par I feel focused, good, he said then.

When Hamelin next popped out, two nights later, it was to celebrate a gold first night of the short-track competition ranked second in the world at that medal with a mighty fist pump, a Usain Boltlike salute and a leap onto the distance, and with ideas of taking Canadas first home-soil gold if everything arena-side padding to embrace girlfriend marianne St-Gelais. went right. He didnt make the final, finishing seventh. In the 1,000 meters my heartbeat was kind of blowing through the roof... we were just jumping all over the place, said yves Hamelin, the team leader and Charless father. Its Just over a half-hour later he was celebrating again, rounding the track holding But that assessment didnt stop the whispers or keep a vaguely hunted look a corner of the maple leaf that his four other teammates also carried. from his taking up residence on his face at the Games mid-point.

The proverb says know thyself, and if Hamelin said he couldnt be happier Fortified by words of encouragement from Canadian medallists Alexandre Biloif hed won a medal himself when St-Gelais won her silver, he quickly revised deau, maelle ricker and Jennifer Heil, hundreds of e-mails of support from fans St-Gelais joked that Hamelin views himself as a 1,000-meter specialist but given his world championship and Olympic title in the 500, maybe hell stop kidding himself now. Hamelin is known for his freakishly powerful legs, singular Said former national short-track teammate mathieu turcotte: After seeing ability to focus and his extreme competitiveness ask his teammates about how fast he was in the quarterfinals of the 500 meters, 1 had no doubt he playing the video games Call of duty or nHl 2010 with him, or the hockey pool was going to win.

that he has a habit of winning.

But away from the ice Hamelin is an aw-shucks type of guy, with a bashful smile.

At home hes still just the goofy Charles, hes into his video games and things post-race news conference, his bubble dissipated for good.

like that, St-Gelais said before the Olympics. Hes actually quite shy, he doesnt 2014

Short-track -ꠗ 2014


The Olympics are fun and all, but the women of Canadas short-track speed- Gregg spoke to the schools a few weeks before leaving for Vancouver (It was skating relay squad are already looking forward to another marquee event: amazing, a gym full of kids chanting my name, she said) and promised to return The occasion is to celebrate the retirement of 34-year old tania Vicent, the old- finished a heartbreaking fourth in the 500, but scored an impressive seventh in the The four-time Olympic medallist will call time on her career after the forthcom- I mean, just to go in the first place, and then experiencing this [relay silver], its ing world championships in Bormio, Italy, coincidentally, her favorite World Cup just been incredible, Gregg said.


The whole gang of us girls is going to do some skiing in Chamonix after, just desperately wanted an individual medal to go along with relay medals from to give you an example of how close and united we are, after all that time to- 2006 and 2010, but it wasnt in the cards.

gether, were going skiing, Vicent said shortly after her last Olympic event, a That race wont figure prominently in Vicents top Olympic memories, but the silver medal she won with her teammates in the 3,000-meter womens relay surely will. I lost a lot in 2009, physically and psychologically, so 2010 is my year to get The Canadian national team selectors opted for youth in Vancouver the oth- in 2008.

er members of the womens squad are 23, 21, 20 and 19 and while they werent quite strong enough to challenge the mighty Chinese and South Kore- not that she considers her Vancouver experience disappointing.

ans for gold, they havent fired their final salvo.

Though Vicent wont be around in four years time in Sochi, theres every chance said. His wish was to meet me and see me race. Thats my medal too.

the rest of the squad will be.

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