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User and maintenance manual Nvod k pouit a drb Felhasznli s karbantartsi kziknyv IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS YOUR SAFETY ...

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BLVM 8110

User and maintenance manual

Nvod k pouit a drb

Felhasznli s karbantartsi kziknyv



This manual and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be read and observed at all


This is the danger symbol, pertaining to safety, which alerts users to potential risks to themselves and others.

All safety warnings are preceded by the danger symbol and the following terms:

Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will cause serious injury.


Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could cause serious injury.


All safety warnings give specific details of the potential risk present and indicate how to reduce risk of injury, damage and electric shock resulting from improper use of the appliance. Carefully observe the following instructions:

- The appliance must be disconnected from the power supply before carrying out any installation work.

- Installation and maintenance must be carried out by a qualified technician, in compliance with the manufacturers instructions and local safety regulations. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically stated in the user manual.

- Power cable replacement must be carried out by qualified electician.

Contact an authorizes service centre.

- Regulations require that the appliance is earthed.

- The power cable must be long enough for connecting the appliance, once fitted in its housing, to the power supply socket.

- For installation to comply with current safety regulations, an all-pole disconnect switch with minimum contact gap of 3 mm must be utilized.

- Do not use multiple plug adapters or extension leads.

- Do not pull the power supply cable in order to unplug the appliance.

- The electrical components must not be accessible to the user after installation.

- Do not touch the appliance with any wet part of the body and do not operate it when barefoot.

- This appliance is designed solely for use as a domestic appliance for cooking food. No other type of use is permitted (e.g.: heating rooms). The Manufacturer declines all responsibility for inappropriate use or incorrect setting of the controls.

- This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.

GB - The accessible parts of the appliance may become very hot during use.

Young children should be kept away from the appliance and supervised to ensure that they do not play with it.

- The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements. Children less than 8 years old shall be kept away, unless continuosly supervised.

- During and after use, do not touch the heating elements or interior surfaces of the appliance - risk of burns. Do not allow the appliance to come into contact with cloths or other flammable materials until all the components have cooled sufficiently.

- At the end of cooking, exercise caution when opening the appliance door, letting the hot air or steam exit gradually before accessing the oven. When the appliance door is shut, hot air is vented from the aperture above the control panel. Do not obstruct the vent apertures.

- Use oven gloves to remove pans and accessories, taking care not to touch the heating elements.

- Do not place flammable materials in or near the appliance: a fire may break out if the appliance is inadvertently switched on.

- Do not heat or cook sealed jars or containers in the appliance. The pressure that builds up inside might cause the jar to explode, damaging the appliance.

- Do not use containers made of synthetic materials.

- Overheated oils and fats catch fire easily. Always remain vigilant when cooking foods rich in fat and oil.

- Never leave the appliance unattended during food drying.

- If alcoholic beverages are used when cooking foods (e.g. rum, cognac, wine), remember that alcohol evaporates at high temperatures. As a result, there is a risk that vapours released by the alcohol may catch fire upon coming into contact with the electrical heating element.

- Never use steam cleaning equipment.

- Do not touch the oven during the pyrolysys cycle. Keep children away from the oven during the pyrolysis cycle.(only for ovens with Pyrolisis function).

- Only use the temperature probe recommended for this oven.

- Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass.

- Ensure that the appliance is switched off before replacing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock.

GB Scrapping of household appliances - This appliance is manufactured with recyclable or reusable materials. Scrap the appliance in accordance with local regulations on waste disposal. Before scrapping, cut off the power cords so that the appliances cannot be connected to the mains.

- For further information on the treatment, recovery and recycling of household electrical appliances, contact your competent local authority, the collection service for household waste or the store where you purchased the appliance.


Unpack the oven and make sure that the oven has not been damaged during transport and that the oven door closes properly. In the event of problems, contact the dealer or your nearest After-sales Service. To prevent any damage, only remove the oven from its polystyrene foam base at the time of installation.


Kitchen units in contact with the oven must be heat resistant (min 90C).

Carry out all cabinet cutting work before fitting the oven in the housing and carefully remove all wood chips and sawdust.

After installation, the bottom of the oven must no longer be accessible.

For correct appliance operation, do not obstruct the minimum gap between the worktop and the upper edge of the oven.


Make sure the power voltage specified on the appliance dataplate is the same as the mains voltage. The dataplate is on the front edge of the oven (visible when the door is open).

Power cable replacement (type H05 RR-F 3 x 1.5 mm2) must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Contact an authorized service centre.


Before use:

- Remove cardboard protection pieces, protective film and adhesive labels from accessories.

- Remove the accessories from the oven and heat it 200C for about an hour to eliminate the smell of the protective grease and insulating materials.

During use:

- Do not place heavy objects on the door as they could damage it.

- Do not cling to the door or hang anything from the handle.

- Do not cover the inside of the oven with aluminium foil.

- Do not pour water into the inside of a hot oven; this could damage the enamel coating.

- Never drag pots or pans across the bottom of the oven as this could damage the enamel coating.

- Make sure that the electrical cables of other appliances do not touch hot parts of the oven or become trapped in the door.

- Never expose the oven to atmospheric agents.


Disposal of packaging materials The packing material is 100% recyclable and is marked with the recycle symbol ( ). The various parts of the packing must therefore be disposed of responsibly and in full compliance with local authority regulations governing waste disposal.

Scrapping the product - This appliance is marked in compliance with European Directive 2002/96/EC, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

- By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product.

- The symbol on the product or on the accompanying documentation indicates that it should not be treated as domestic waste but must be taken to an appropriate collection centre for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

Energy saving - Only pre-heat the oven if specified in the cooking table or your recipe.

- Use dark lacquered or enamelled baking moulds as they absorb heat far better.

- Switch the oven off 10/15 minutes before the set cooking time. Food requiring prolonged cooking will continue to cook even once the oven is switched off.


- This oven, which is intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, complies with European Regulation ( ) n. 1935/2004 and has been designed, manufactured and sold in conformity with the safety requirements of the Low Voltage directive 2006/95/CE (which replaces 73/23/CEE and subsequent amendments), the protection requirements of EMC 2004/108/CE.


Oven not working:

Check for the presence of mains electrical power and if the oven is connected to the electrical supply.

Turn off the oven and restart it to see if the fault persists.

The electronic programmer does not work:

If the display shows the letter followed by a number, contact your nearest After-sales Service.

Specify in this case the number after the letter .


Before calling the After-Sales Service:

1. See if you can solve the problem yourself with the help of the suggestions given in the Troubleshooting guide.

2. Switch the appliance off and then on again it to see if the problem has been eliminated.

If the fault persists after the above checks, contact the nearest After-sales Service.

Always specify:

a brief description of the fault;

the type and exact model of the oven;

the service number (number after the word Service on the rating plate), located on the right hand edge of the oven cavity (visible when the oven door is open). The service number is also indicated on the guarantee booklet;

your full address;

your telephone number.

If any repairs are required, contact an authorised After-sales Technical Service (to guarantee the use of original spare parts and correct repair).



Exterior of the oven IMPORTANT: do not use corrosive or abrasive detergents. If any of these products accidentally comes into contact with the appliance, clean immediately with a damp cloth.

Clean the surfaces with a damp cloth. If it is very dirty, add a few drops of washing up detergent to the water. Finish off with a dry cloth.

Oven interior IMPORTANT: do not use abrasive sponges or metallic scrapers or scourers. Over time, these can ruin enamelled surfaces and the oven door glass.

After every use, allow the oven to cool then clean it preferably while it is still warm in order to remove built-up dirt and stains caused by food residues (e.g. food with a high sugar content.

Use proprietary oven detergents and follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter.

Clean the door glass with a suitable liquid detergent. The oven door can be removed to facilitate cleaning (see MAINTENANCE).

The top heating element of the grill (see MAINTENANCE) can be lowered (some models only) to clean the roof of the oven.

N.B: during prolonged cooking of foods with a high water content (e.g. pizza, vegetables, etc.) condensation may form on the inside of the door and around the seal. When the oven is cold, dry the inside of the door with a cloth or sponge.


Soak the accessories in water with washing up detergent immediately after use, handling them with oven gloves if still hot.

Food residues can be easily removed using a brush or sponge.

Cleaning the rear wall and catalytic side panels of the oven (if present):

IMPORTANT: do not use corrosive or abrasive detergents, coarse brushes, pot scourers or oven sprays which could damage the catalytic surface and ruin its self-cleaning properties.

Operate the oven empty with the fan-assisted function at 200C for about one hour.

Next, leave the appliance to cool down before removing any food residue with a sponge.




To remove the door:

1. Open the door fully.

2. Lift the catches and push them forwards as far as they will go (Fig. 1).

3. Close the door as far as it will go (A), lift it up (B) and turn it (C) until it is released (D) (Fig. 2).

To refit the door:

1. Insert the hinges in their seats.

2. Open the door fully.

3. Lower the two catches.

4. Close the door.


In some models, the side accessory holder grilles are equipped with fixing screws (Fig. 3) for optimum stability.

1. Remove the screws and relative plates on the right and left with the aid of a coin or tool (Fig. 4).

2. To remove the grilles, lift the up (1) and turn them (2) as shown in Fig. 5.


1. Remove the side accessory holder grilles.

2. Pull the heating element out a little (Fig. 6) and lower it (Fig. 7).

3. To reposition the heating element, lift it up, pulling it slightly towards you, making sure it comes to rest on the lateral supports.


To replace the rear lamp (if present):

1. Disconnect the oven from the power supply.

2. Unscrew the lamp cover (Fig. 8), replace the lamp (see note for lamp type) and screw the lamp cover 3. Reconnect the oven to the power supply.

To replace the side lamp (if present):

1. Disconnect the oven from the power supply.

2. Remove the side accessory holder grilles, if present.

3. Use a screwdriver to prise off the lamp cover.

4. Replace the lamp (see note for lamp type).

5. Refit the lamp cover, pushing it on firmly until it clicks into place.

6. Refit the side accessory holder grilles.

7. Reconnect the oven to the power supply.


- Only use 25-40W/230V type E-14, T300C incandescent lamps, or 20-40W/230 V type G9, T300C halogen lamps.

- Lamps are available from our After-sales Service.


- If using halogen lamps, do not handle with bare hands since fingerprints can damage them.

- Do not use the oven until the lamp cover has been repositioned.



1. Control panel 2. Upper heating element/grill 3. Cooling fan (not visible) 4. Dataplate (not to be removed) 5. Lamps 6. Circular heating element (not visible) 7. Fan 8. Turnspit (if provided) 9. Lower heating element (not visible) 10. Door 11. Position of shelves (the level number is indicated on the front of the oven) 12. Rear wall N.B.: - During cooking, the cooling fan may switch on intermittently in order to reduce energy consumption.

- At the end of cooking, after the oven has been switched off, the cooling fan may continue to run for a - When the oven door is opened during cooking, the heating elements switch off.


A. RACK (1): use to cook food or as a support for pots, cake tins and other suitable cooking receptacles.

B. DRIP-TRAY (1): use, placed under the rack, to collect fat or as a plate for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, focaccia, etc.

C. BAKING TRAY (1): use for bakery and pastry products, but also roasts, fish en papillotte, etc.

D. RUNNERS: to facilitate insertion and removal of accessories.


Other accessories can be purchased separately from the After-sales Service.


The rack and other accessories have a locking system to prevent their inadvertent removal.

Fig. 1. Insert the rack horizontally, with the raised part "A" upwards (Fig. 1).

2. Tilt the rack when it reaches the locking position "B" (Fig. 2).

3. Return the rack to the horizontal position and push it in fully "C" (Fig. 3).

4. To remove the rack, proceed in reverse order.

The other accessories, such as the drip-tray and baking tray, are inserted in exactly the same way. The protrusion on the flat part enables locking.




1. FUNCTIONS KNOB: On/Off and function selection 2. BROWSE KNOB: for browsing the menu and adjusting preset values N.B.:the two knobs are retractable. Press the knobs in the middle and they pop up.

3. BUTTON : to return to the previous screen or save the preferred function 4. BUTTON : to select and confirm settings

class='zagtext'>LIST OF FUNCTIONS

Turn the Functions knob to any position and the oven switches on: the display shows the functions or their associated submenus.

The submenus are available and selectable by turning the knob to the functions GRILL, SPECIALS, SETTINGS, RECIPES and FAVOURITES.

A. Icon for highlighted function B. The highlighted function can be selected by pressing C. Description of highlighted function D. Other available and selectable functions.


After selecting the desired function, the display will show further options and related details.



To move between the different zones, turn the "Browse" knob: the cursor goes next to the values modifiable by following the order described above. Press the button to select the value, change it by turning the "Browse" knob and confirm with the button.



For correct use of the oven, when switched on for the first time it is necessary to select the desired language and set the correct time.

Proceed as follows:

1. Turn the Functions knob to any position: the display will show the list of the first three available languages.

2. Turn the Browse knob to scroll the list.

3. When the desired language is highlighted, press to select it.

After selecting the language, the display will show 12:00 flashing.

4. Set the time by turning the "Browse" knob.

5. Confirm the setting by pressing.



1. If the oven is off, turn the Functions knob; the display will show the cooking functions or related N.B.:for the list and description of functions, see the specific table on page14 and on page15.

2. Inside the submenu, browse the various options available by turning the Browse knob: the chosen function is highlighted in white in the middle of the screen. To select it, press the button.

3. The cooking settings appear on the display. If the preselected values are those desired, turn the Browse knob to position the cursor at Start, then press the button ; otherwise, proceed as indicated below to modify them.




To change the temperature or grill power, proceed as follows:

1. Make sure the cursor is positioned next to the temperature value (zone 1); press the button to select the parameter to be modified: the temperature values flash.

2. Set the desired value by turning the Browse knob and press the button to confirm.

3. Turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at Start, then press the button.

4. The display indicates which level food should be placed on. Carry out the operation and press the The set temperature can be changed even during cooking by following the same procedure.

5. At the end of cooking, the cooking end message appears. The oven can now be switched off by turning the Functions knob to 0 (zero), or cooking can be prolonged by turning the Browse knob clockwise. When switched off, the display shows the cooling bar which indicates the temperature




To preheat the oven before placing food in it, the preselection must be modified as follows:

1. Turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at preheating.

2. Press the button to select the parameter: the message No flashes.

3. Modify the parameter by turning the Browse knob: Yes appears on the display.

4. Confirm the choice by pressing the button.



To preheat the oven quickly, proceed as follows:

1. Turn the "Functions" knob to select the fast preheating function.

2. Confirm by pressing the button : the settings appear on the display.

3. If the proposed temperature is that desired, turn the Browse knob to position the cursor at Start, then press the button. To modify it, proceed as described in the previous sections. An acoustic signal will sound when the oven has reached the set temperature. At the end of preheating, the oven automatically selects the conventional function.

The food can now be placed in the oven for cooking.

4. To set a different cooking function, turn the "Functions" knob and select the required function.






This function can be used to cook food for a set length of time, from a minimum of 1 minute to the maximum time allowed by the selected function, after which the oven switches off automatically.

1. To select the function, turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at "cooking duration".

2. Press the button to select the parameter; 00:00 flashes on the display.

3. Modify the value by turning the Browse knob to display the desired cooking time.

4. Confirm the selected value by pressing the button.


At the end of cooking, with certain functions, the display indicates the possibility of browning the surface of your dish. This function can only be used when a cooking duration has been set.



oven starts a 5 minute browning cycle. This function can only be carried out once.


The desired cooking end time can be set, delaying oven switch-on by up to a maximum of 23 hours and minutes, starting from the current time. This is possible only after a cooking duration has been set. This setting is available only if preheating is not required for the selected function.







After setting the cooking duration, the display shows the cooking end time (for example 19:20). To delay the end of cooking, postponing oven switch-on, proceed as follows:

1. Turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at the cooking end time.

2. Press the button to select the parameter: the cooking end time flashes.

3. To delay the cooking end time, turn the Browse knob to the desired value.

4. Confirm the selected value by pressing the button.

5. Turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at START, then press the button.

6. The display indicates which level food should be placed on. Carry out the operation and press the button to start cooking. The oven will start cooking after a period of time calculated so as to finish cooking at the set time (e.g. for food requiring a cooking time of 20 minutes, if the cooking end time is set to 20:10 the oven will start cooking at 19:50).

N.B.:during the waiting phase, the cooking cycle can in any case be started by turning the Browse knob to position the cursor at Start and then pressing the button.

The set values (temperature, grill level, cooking time) can be changed at any time, as described in previous sections.


At the end of cooking, or when the oven is switched off, if the temperature inside the oven is over 50C, the display shows the temperature at that moment and the bar indicating cooling in progress. When the residual heat reaches 50C, the current time appears on the display.

TIMER This function can be used only with the oven switched off and is useful, for example, for controlling the cooking time of pasta. The maximum time which can be set is 1 hour 30 minutes.

1. With the oven switched off, press the button : 00:00:00 will appear on the display.

2. Turn the Browse knob to select the desired time.

3. Press the button to start the countdown. When the set time has elapsed, 00:00:00 will appear on the display and an acoustic signal sounds. The time can now be prolonged, proceeding as described above, or the timer can be deactivated by pressing the button (the current time will appear on the display).


Thanks to Intelligent Sensor Technology, it is possible to use 30 preset recipes with the ideal cooking function and temperature.

It is necessary to follow the recipe-book provided only regarding ingredients and preparation of the dish.

Then, proceed as follows:



1. Select "RECIPES" by turning the "Functions" knob.

2. Select the dish to be cooked from those proposed.

4. Select the desired recipe by turning the "Browse" knob.

5. Confirm by pressing the button : the display shows the approximate cooking time.

6. Place the dish in the oven and turn the "Browse" knob to position the cursor at "Start", then press the 7. The display indicates which level food should be placed on. Carry out the operation and press the button to start cooking. To delay cooking, see the relevant section.

N.B.:Some dishes must be turned or stirred half way through cooking: an acoustic signal sounds and the display shows the type of operation required.

The cooking time initially shown is only approximate: it can be prolonged automatically during cooking.

Shortly before cooking time ends, the oven prompts you to check that the food is cooked as desired. If it is not, the cooking time can be prolonged manually by turning the "Browse" knob.


This oven allows the settings chosen for cooking your favourite dish to be saved.

At the end of cooking, the display intermittently shows the message "Press to save.

To save the settings used for that specific cooking (function, time, temperature, etc.), press the button.

The display will show the message Press OK to save.

Press the button, and the first available position from 1 to 10 will be proposed. To customise the position, the number can be changed by turning the Browse knob (- or +) before confirming with the button. The function is overwritten when the memory is full or the position is already occupied.

If you do not wish to save, just press the button again, go to another function by turning the respective knob or switch off the oven.

To subsequently call up the saved settings, turn the Functions knob to the symbol and select one of the stored functions, turning the Browse knob to display the required function.

Press the button and then start cooking.


1. To modify some display parameters, select "SETTINGS" from the main menu by turning the "Functions" knob.

2. Confirm by pressing the button : the display shows the parameters that can be modified (language, acoustic signal volume, display brightness, time of day, energy saving).

3. Select the setting to be changed by turning the "Browse" knob.

4. Press the button to confirm.

5. Follow the instructions on the display to modify the parameter.

6. Press the button ; a message confirming the operation appears on the display.

N.B.:when the oven is switched off, if the ECOMODE (energy saving) function is selected (ON), the display switches off after a few seconds. If, on the other hand, the function is not selected (OFF), after a few seconds the display is merely dimmed.

KEY-LOCK This function can be used to lock the buttons and knobs on the control panel.

To activate it, press the buttons and together for at least 3 seconds. If activated, the functions of the buttons are locked and the display shows a message and the icon. This function can also be activated during cooking. To deactivate it, repeat the above procedure. When the key-lock function is activated, the oven can be switched off by turning the knob to 0 (zero). In this case, however, the previously selected function will have to be reset.



FAST PREHEATING To preheat the oven quickly.

CONVENTIONAL savoury pies and sweets with liquid fillings, use the 1st or 2nd level. The To grill steaks, kebabs and sausages; gratinate vegetables and toast bread.

It is advisable to place food on the 4th or 5th level. When grilling meat, it is GRILL advisable to use the drip-tray to collect the cooking juices. Place it on the 3rd/4th level, adding approx. half a litre of water. The oven does not have to be preheated. During cooking, the oven door must remain closed.

To roast large pieces of meat (legs, roast beef, chickens). Place the food on the middle levels. It is advisable to use the drip-tray to collect the cooking juices. Place it on the 1st/2nd level, adding approx. half a litre of water. The


oven does not have to be preheated. During cooking, the oven door must remain closed. With this function it is also possible to use the turnspit, if To cook even different types of food (e.g. fish, vegetables, cakes), requiring the same cooking temperature, on up to three shelves at the same time.

This function allows cooking without odours being transferred from one


To cook meat, filled pies (cheesecake, strudel, fruit pies) and stuffed vegetables on one level only. This function uses intermittent and gentle


ventilation, which prevents excessive drying of foods. It is advisable to use


Setting the display (language, time, brightness, acoustic signal volume,


Selecting 30 different preset recipes (see enclosed recipe-book). The oven


duration. It is important to follow the instructions given in the recipe-book



DEFROST level. It is advisable to leave food in its packaging to prevent it from To keep just-cooked food (e.g. meat, fried food, flans) hot and crisp. It is KEEP WARM advisable to place food on the middle level. The function will not activate To obtain optimum rising of sweet or savoury dough. In order to preserve the quality of proving, the function will not activate if the temperature in


To cook ready foods, kept at room temperature or in refrigerated counters (biscuits, liquid preparations for cakes, muffins, first courses and bakery CONVENIENCE products). The function cooks all dishes quickly and gently; it can also be used to heat already cooked food. Follow the instructions on the package.

MAXI COOKING preheated. It is advisable to turn the meat over during cooking, to obtain The function automatically selects the best cooking temperature and mode for 5 different categories of ready frozen food. Use the 2nd or 3rd FROZEN French The temperature can be set from 50 to 250C to cook other types of Slow To gently cook meat (at 90C) and fish (at 85C). This function carries out Cooking slow cooking to keep the food more tender and succulent. Thanks to the Meat low temperature, the food does not brown on the outside and the end result is similar to steam cooking. For roasts, it is advisable to brown the SLOW meat in the pan first in order to help retain the juices. Cooking times range COOKING Slow from 2 hours for 300g fish to 4-5 hours for 3 kg fish; for meat, times range Cooking from 4 hours for 1 kg roasts to 6-7 hours for 3 kg roasts. For optimum Fish results, and to avoid heat dispersion, do not open the oven door during cooking; use the temperature probe provided (if available) or a normal


cake, strudel, fruit Biscuits / Tartlets Choux buns Meringues Focaccia ble pie, quiche lorLevel 5: cake tin on rack raine) pastry savouries Lasagna / Baked pasta / Cannelloni / Flans Lamb / Veal / Beef / Pork 1 Kg Chicken / Rabbit / Duck 1 Kg Baked fish / en papilDrip-tray or pan on rack lote (fillet, whole) Stuffed vegetables gettes, aubergines) Sausages / Kebabs / Roast chicken 1-1.3 Kg Complete meal:

Frozen pizza * Cooking time is approximate. Food can be removed from the oven at different times depending on personal preference.

TESTED RECIPES in compliance with IEC 50304/60350:2009-03 and DIN 3360-12:07: IEC 60350:2009-03 8.4. IEC 60350:2009-03 8.4. Small cakes IEC 60350:2009-03 8.5. IEC 60350:2009-03 8.5. IEC 60350:2009-03 9.1. IEC 60350:2009-03 9.2. DIN 3360-12:07 6.5.2. Apple cake, yeast tray DIN 3360-12:07 6. DIN 3360-12:07 annex C The cooking table suggests the ideal functions and temperatures to obtain the best results for any type of recipe. To cook on just one level using the fan-assisted function, it is advisable to use the third shelf and select the same temperature suggested for the FORCED AIR function on more than one level.

The indications in the table are without use of the runners. Do the tests without the runners.

* Remove level 5 before the other levels, when browned as required. Levels 1 and 3 have longer cooking ** When grilling food, it is advisable leave a space of 3-4 cm from the front edge of the grill to facilitate Energy efficiency class (according to EN 50304) To do the test, use the dedicated table.

Energy consumption and preheating time Select the function and do the test only with the "Preheating" option activated (Preheating yes).

Control Accuracy test Select the function and do the test only with the "Preheating" option deactivated (when preheating is activated, the oven control intentionally creates an oscillation of the temperature profile).


How to read the cooking table The table indicates the best function to use for a given food, to be cooked on one or more shelves at the same time. Cooking times start from the moment food is placed in the oven, excluding preheating (when required). The cooking temperatures are only a guide and depend on the amount of food and type of accessory used. Use the lowest recommended values to begin with and if cooking results are not those desired, use higher values. It is advisable to use the accessories supplied and preferably dark coloured metal cake tins and pans. Pots and accessories in Pyrex or ceramic can also be used, but cooking times will be slightly longer. To obtain best results, carefully follow the advice given in the cooking table for the choice of accessories (supplied) to be placed on the various shelves.

Cooking different foods at the same time Using the FORCED AIR function, different foods (e.g. fish and vegetables) requiring the same temperature can be cooked on different shelves at the same time. Remove the food requiring shorter cooking times and leave food requiring longer times to continue cooking.

Cakes - Bake delicate cakes with the conventional function on a single level. Use dark coloured metal cake tins and always place them on the rack provided. To bake on more than one level, select the forced air function and stagger the position of cake tins on the racks, to favour circulation of the air.

- To check if a raising cake is baked, insert a toothpick into the top of the cake. If the toothpick comes out dry, the cake is ready.

- When using non-stick cake tins, do not butter the edges, as the cake may not rise evenly at the edges.

- If the cake "sinks" during baking, set a lower temperature the next time, even reducing the amount of liquid and mixing more gently.

- For sweets with moist fillings (cheesecake or fruit pies) use the FORCED AIR function. If the base of the cake is too soggy, lower the shelf and sprinkle the bottom of the cake with breadcrumbs or biscuit crumbs before adding the filling.

Meat - Use any type of pan or baking dish suitable for the size of the piece of meat being cooked. For roasts, it is advisable to add a little stock on the bottom of the pan, basting the meat during cooking to give it flavour. When the roast is ready, leave it in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, or wrap it in aluminium foil.

- To grill pieces of meat, choose cuts having the same thickness in order to obtain even cooking. Very thick pieces of meat require longer cooking times. To prevent the meat from burning on the outside, place the rack on a lower level, keeping it further away from the grill. Turn the meat two thirds of the way through cooking.

To collect the cooking juices it is advisable to place a drip-tray with half a litre of water directly under the rack on which the meat is placed. Top-up when necessary.

Turnspit (provided only in some models) Use this accessory to roast large pieces of meat and poultry evenly. Place the meat on the turnspit rod, tying it with string if chicken, and check that it is secure before inserting the rod in the seat located on the front wall of the oven and resting it on the respective support. To prevent smoke and to collect cooking juices, it is advisable to place a drip-tray with half a litre of water on the first level. The rod has a plastic handle which must be removed before starting to cook, and used at the end of cooking to avoid burns when taking the food out of the oven.

Pizza Lightly grease the pans to obtain a pizza with a crispy base. Sprinkle the mozzarella over the pizza two thirds of the way through cooking.

Rising function (provided only in some models) It is advisable to always cover the dough with a damp cloth before placing it in the oven. Rising times with this function are reduced by about a third compared to proving at room temperature (20-25C). The rising time for 1 kg of pizza dough is about one hour.



V tomto nvodu a na samotnm spotebii jsou dleit bezpenostn upozornn, kter si muste pest a dodrovat je.

Toto je symbol nebezpe tkajc se bezpenosti, kter upozoruje uivatele na mon nebezpe, je by mohla hrozit jim nebo dalm osobm.

Ped kadm bezpenostnm upozornnm je symbol nebezpe a nsledujc slova:

Oznauje nebezpenou situaci, kterou je teba odvrtit, jinak zpsob vn


Oznauje nebezpenou situaci, kterou je teba odvrtit, jinak by mohla


Vechna bezpenostn upozornn udvaj konkrtn podrobnosti o monm nebezpe a obsahuj pokyny, jak snit nebezpe porann, pokozen a razu elektrickm proudem zpsoben nesprvnm pouitm spotebie. Dodrujte peliv nsledujc pokyny:

- Ped kadou instalac odpojte spotebi od elektrick st.

- Instalaci nebo drbu mus provst kvalifikovan technik podle pokyn vrobce a v souladu s platnmi mstnmi bezpenostnmi pedpisy.

Neopravujte ani nevymujte dnou st spotebie, pokud to nen vslovn uvedeno v tomto nvodu.

- Vmnu napjecho kabelu sm provdt pouze odborn vykolen elektrik. Obrate se prosm na autorizovan servisn stedisko.

- Tento spotebi mus bt podle zkona uzemnn.

- Napjec kabel mus bt tak dlouh, aby umonil po zasunut spotebie na msto jeho pipojen k sov zsuvce.

- Ke splnn poadavk na instalaci podle platnch bezpenostnch pedpis je nutn pouit vceplov odpojova s minimln vzdlenost mezi kontakty 3 mm.

- Nepouvejte rozdvojky ani prodluovac ry.

- Pi odpojovn zstrky ze zsuvky netahejte za napjec kabel.

- Elektrick komponenty nesm bt po instalaci pstupn uivateli.

- Nedotkejte se spotebie se vlhkmi stmi tla a nepouvejte ho bosi.

- Tento spotebi je uren vlun k peen jdel v domcnosti. Jin zpsoby vyuit (nap. vytpn mstnost) jsou zakzny. Vrobce odmt jakoukoli odpovdnost za nevhodn pouit nebo nesprvn nastaven ovlada.

- Tento spotebi smj pouvat dti star 8 let a osoby se snenmi fyzickmi, smyslovmi nebo duevnmi schopnostmi, nebo osoby bez patinch znalost a zkuenost pouze tehdy, kdy na tyto osoby dohl, nebo jim rad pi bezpenm pouvn spotebie dospl odpovdn za jejich bezpenost, a kdy si tyto osoby uvdomuj mon nebezpe. Dti si nesmj se spotebiem hrt. Dti smj spotebi istit nebo provdt jeho drbu pouze za dozoru dosplch.

- Pstupn sti spotebie se pi pouit mohou zaht na velmi vysokou teplotu. Zajistte, aby si dti se spotebiem nehrly, ani nebyly v jeho blzkosti.

- Spotebi a jeho pstupn sti se pi pouit zahej na vysokou teplotu.

Dejte pozor, abyste se nedotkli horkch st! Dti do 8 let se ke spotebii nesmj pibliovat, pokud je nesleduj dospl osoby.

- Bhem pouvn ani po nm se nedotkejte topnch lnk nebo vnitnch ploch spotebie - hroz nebezpe poplen. Dbejte na to, abyste se spotebie nedotkali odvem, ani k nmu nedvejte jin holav materily, dokud dostaten nevychladne.

- Po upeen jdla otvrejte opatrn dvee trouby, aby mohl nejdve postupn uniknout hork vzduch nebo hork pra, a teprve potom sahejte do trouby.

Kdy jsou dvee zaven, unik hork pra otvorem nad ovldacm panelem. Vtrac otvory proto nikdy nezakrvejte.

- Pi vytahovn ndob a psluenstv pouvejte kuchysk chapky a dvejte pozor, abyste se nedotkli topnch lnk.

- Do spotebie nebo jeho blzkosti nedvejte holav materil. Pi nhodnm zapnut spotebie hroz nebezpe poru.

- Pi vaen nebo ohvn jdel ve spotebii nepouvejte hermeticky uzaven ndoby nebo kelmky. Tlak, kter vznik uvnit ndoby, by mohl zpsobit vbuch a pokodit troubu.

- Nepouvejte ndoby vyroben ze syntetickho materilu.

- Peht tuky a oleje se mohou snadno vzntit. Pi peen jdel s vysokm obsahem tuku nebo oleje troubu peliv sledujte.

- Pi suen potravin nikdy nenechvejte spotebi bez dozoru.

- Pouvte-li pi peen jdel alkoholick npoje (nap. rum, koak, vno), nezapomete, e se alkohol pi vysokch teplotch vypauje. Hroz nebezpe, e se mohou alkoholov vpary ve styku s elektrickm topnm tlesem vzntit.

- Spotebi nikdy neistte isticm zazenm na pru.

- Bhem cyklu pyrolzy se trouby nedotkejte. Mal dti se nesm bhem pyrolzy ke spotebii pibliovat (plat pouze pro trouby s funkc pyrolzy).

- V tto troub se sm pouvat pouze piloen teplotn sonda, nebo sonda doporuen pro tuto troubu.

- K itn skla dve nepouvejte abrazivn i agresivn istic prostedky, nebo ostr kovov nstroje, protoe mohou sklo pokrbat, nebo ho dokonce rozttit.

- Ped vmnou rovky si ovte, e je spotebi vypnut, aby nedolo k razu elektrickm proudem.

Likvidace domcch elekrickch spotebi - Tento spotebi byl vyroben z recyklovatelnch nebo opakovan pouitelnch materil. Pi jeho likvidaci se ite mstnmi pedpisy pro odstraovn odpadu. Ped likvidac spotebi znehodnote odznutm napjecho kabelu.

- Dal informace o zpracovn, rekuperaci a recyklaci domcch elektrickch spotebi zjistte u pslunho mstnho adu, adu pro likvidaci domovnho odpadu, nebo v obchod, kde jste spotebi zakoupili.


Po vybalen trouby se pesvdte, e trouba nebyla pi doprav pokozena a e se dvee dobe zavraj. V ppad problm se obrate se na svho prodejce nebo na nejbli servisn stedisko. Aby se trouba nepokodila, doporuujeme odstranit polystyrnov podstavec a ped instalac.


Kuchysk nbytek, kter je v pmm kontaktu s troubou, mus bt odoln vi vysokm teplotm (min. 90 C).

Je-li nutn skku piznout, provete tyto prce jet ped zasunutm trouby do skky a peliv odstrate vechny devn tsky a piliny.

Dno trouby nesm bt po proveden instalaci pstupn.

Ke sprvnmu provozu trouby je nutn minimln mezera mezi pracovn deskou a hornm okrajem trouby.


Zkontrolujte, zda napt uveden na typovm ttku spotebie odpovd napt ve vaem byt. Typov ttek je umstn na pednm okraji trouby (je viditeln pi otevench dvech).

Napjec kabel (typ H05 RR-F 3 x 1,5mm2) sm vymnit jen kvalifikovan elektrik. Obrate se na autorizovan servisn stedisko.


Ped pouitm:

- Odstrate ochrann lepenkov obaly, ochrannou flii a nlepky z psluenstv.

- Vyjmte z trouby psluenstv a zahejte ji asi na jednu hodinu na 200 C, abyste odstranili pach a vpary z ochrannho tuku a izolanch materil.

Bhem pouit:

- Na troubu nepokldejte dn tk pedmty, kter by ji mohly pokodit.

- Za dvee trouby netahejte, a nic nezavujte ani za dradlo.

- Dno trouby nezakrvejte hlinkovou fli.

- Nikdy nelijte vodu do vnitku hork trouby; mohla by se pokodit smaltov vrstva.

- Nikdy neposunujte po dn trouby ndoby, mohli byste pokrbat smaltovan povrch.

- Pesvdte se, e se elektrick kabely jinch spotebi pouvanch v blzkosti trouby nedotkaj horkch st, a e se nemohou zachytit ve dvech trouby.

- Troubu nevystavujte atmosfrickm vlivm.


Likvidace obalovho materilu Obal je ze 100 % recyklovatelnho materilu a je oznaen recyklanm symbolem ( ). Obalov materil proto nevyhazujte s domcm odpadem, ale zlikvidujte ho podle platnch mstnch pedpis.

Likvidace spotebie - Tento spotebi je oznaen v souladu s evropskou smrnic 2002/96/ES o likvidaci elektrickho a elektronickho zazen (WEEE).

- Zajitnm sprvn likvidace tohoto vrobku pomete zabrnit ppadnm negativnm dsledkm na ivotn prosted a lidsk zdrav.

- Symbol na spotebii nebo pslunch dokladech udv, e tento vrobek nepat do domcho odpadu, ale je nutn ho odevzdat do pslunho sbrnho centra pro recyklaci elektrickch a elektronickch zazen.

spora energie - Troubu pedehvejte pouze tehdy, je-li to vslovn uvedeno v tabulce pro peen nebo ve vaem receptu.

- Pouvejte tmav lakovan nebo smaltovan formy na peen, kter mnohem lpe pohlcuj teplo.

- Troubu vypnte 10-15 minut ped nastavenm koncem doby peen. Jdlo, kter vyaduje del peen, se bude dl pct i po vypnut trouby.


- Tato trouba, kter je urena pro kontakt s potravinami, je ve shod s evropskm nazenm ( ).

1935/2004 a byla navrena, vyrobena a prodna v souladu s bezpenostnmi poadavky smrnice pro nzk napt 2006/95/ES (kter nahrazuje 73/23/EHS a jej dal znn), s poadavky na ochranu smrnice EMC 2004/108/ES.


Trouba nefunguje:

Zkontrolujte, zda je v sti proud a zda je trouba elektricky pipojen.

Vypnte a opt zapnte troubu, abyste zjistili, zda porucha stle trv.

Elektronick programtor nefunguje:

Jestlie se na displeji objev a po nm nsleduje slo, obrate se nejbli poprodejn servis. V tomto ppad sdlte slo, kter nsleduje za psmenem .


Ne zavolte do poprodejnho servisu:

1. Ovte si, zda nemete vyeit problmy sami pomoc bod popsanch v Jak odstranit poruchu.

2. Vypnte a znovu zapnte spotebi, abyste zjistili, zda porucha stle trv.

Projevuje-li se zvada i po proveden ve uvedench kon, zavolejte do nejbliho servisu.

Vdy uvete:

strun popis poruchy;

typ a pesn model trouby;

servisn slo (slo za slovem Service na typovm ttku), kter je uvedeno na pravm okraji vnitku trouby (je vidt pi otevench dvech trouby). Servisn slo je uvedeno i na zrunm listu;

svoji plnou adresu;

sv telefonn slo.

Jestlie je oprava nutn, obrate se na autorizovan servisn stedisko (kter je zrukou pouit originlnch nhradnch dl a sprvn opravy).



Vnj plochy trouby DLEIT: nepouvejte korozivn nebo abrazivn istic prostedky. Jestlie se tyto prostedky pesto nhodn na troubu dostanou, ihned je otete vlhkm hadkem.

Plochy trouby otete vlhkm hadkem. Jsou-li velmi zapinn, omyjte je roztokem vody s nkolika kapkami mycho prostedku na ndob. Nakonec troubu otete suchm hadkem.

Vnitek trouby DLEIT: nepouvejte abrazivn houbiky ani kovov krabky nebo drtnky. Postupem asu by mohly zniit smaltovan povrch a sklenn dvee trouby.

Po kadm pouit nechte troubu sten vychladnout a vlanou troubu vyistte; lpe tak odstrante pilepen neistoty a skvrny od zbytk jdel (nap. jdla s vysokm obsahem cukru).

Pouvejte pouze znakov istic prostedky pro trouby a dodrujte pokyny vrobce.

Sklo dve omyjte vhodnm tekutm prostedkem. Dvee trouby je mon pi itn sejmout ze zvs (viz DRBA).

Horn topn tleso grilu (viz DRBA) lze sklopit (jen u nkterch model) a vyistit tak strop trouby.

POZNMKA: Bhem delho peen nebo pi peen jdel s velkm obsahem vody (pizza, zelenina atd.) se na vnitn stran dve a na tsnn me tvoit kondenzt. Po vychladnut trouby vysute vnitn st dve hadkem nebo houbou.


Psluenstv vlote ihned po pouit do roztoku mycho prostedku na ndob s vodou; je-li jet hork, pouijte kuchysk chapky.

Zbytky jdel snadno odstrante vhodnm kartkem nebo houbikou.

itn zadn stny a katalytickch bonch panel trouby (jsou-li u modelu):

DLEIT: Nepouvejte agresivn anebo abrazivn istic prostedky, drsn kartky, drtnky nebo spreje do trouby, kter by mohly pokodit katalytick povrch a zniit jeho samoistic vlastnosti.

Nechte zaht przdnou troubu na 200 C pomoc funkce s ventiltorem na asi jednu hodinu.

Potom nechte troubu vychladnout a zbytky jdel odstrate houbikou.




Odstrann dve:

1. Dvee pln otevete.

2. Zdvihnte blokovac pky zvs a vyklopte je dopedu a na doraz (Obr. 1).

3. Zavete co nejvce dvee (A), zvednte je nahoru (B) a otote je (C), a se uvoln (D) (Obr. 2).

Nasazen dve:

1. Zasate zvsy do jejich umstn.

2. Dvee pln otevete.

3. Ob blokovac pky sklopte.

4. Zavete dvee.


U nkterch model maj bon drky na psluenstv dva pipevovac rouby (Obr. 3), kter zvyuj jejich stabilitu.

1. rouby a destiky vpravo i vlevo odstrate pomoc mince nebo njakho nstroje (Obr. 4).

2. Vythnte bon drky na psluenstv tak, e je zdvihnete (1) a otote (2) jako na obrzku Obr. 5.


1. Odstrate bon drky na psluenstv ().

2. Povythnte trochu topn tleso smrem ven (Obr. 6) a sklopte ho dol (Obr. 7).

3. Zpt ho vrtte tak, e ho zvednete nahoru a pitom ho trochu pithnete smrem k sob;

zkontrolujte, zda le na bonch drcch.


Vmna zadn rovky (je-li u modelu):

1. Odpojte troubu od zdroje energie.

2. Odroubujte kryt rovky (Obr. 8), vymte rovku (viz poznmku o typu rovky) a naroubujte kryt osvtlen zpt.

3. Znovu pipojte troubu k elektrick sti.

Vmna bon rovky (je-li u modelu):

1. Odpojte troubu od zdroje energie.

2. Odstrate bon drky na psluenstv, je-li jimi trouba vybavena.

3. Nyn je nutn tenkm roubovkem opatrn vypit kryt rovky.

4. Vymte rovku (viz poznmku o typu rovky).

5. Kryt nasate zpt a zatlate ho do stny, aby dobe zapadl.

6. Nasate bon drky na psluenstv.

7. Znovu pipojte troubu k elektrick sti.


- Pouvejte pouze rovky 25-40 W/230 V typ E-14, T300C, nebo halogenov rovky 20-40 W/230 V typ G9, T 300C.

- rovky mete zakoupit v poprodejnm servisu.


- V ppad pouit halogenovch rovek se jich nedotkejte holma rukama, aby se nepokodily otisky prst.

- Nepouvejte troubu bez nasazenho krytu osvtlen.



1. Ovldac panel 2. Horn topn tleso/gril 3. Chladic ventiltor (nen vidt) 4. Typov ttek (nesm se odstranit) 5. Osvtlen 6. Kruhov topn tleso (nen vidt) 7. Ventiltor 8. Oton roe (je-li u modelu) 9. Doln topn tleso (nen vidt) 10. Dvee 11. Umstn polic (slo rovn je uvedeno na pedn stran trouby) 12. Zadn stna POZNMKA: - Bhem peen se me v intervalech zapnat chladic ventiltor ke snen energetick spoteby na minimum.

- Po dopeen jdla a vypnut trouby me chladic ventiltor jet njakou dobu fungovat.

- Otevenm dve bhem peen se topn tlesa vypnou.


A. ROT (1): mete ho pout k peen jdel nebo jako podloku pod pek, dortovou formu nebo jin ndob vhodn pro peen v troub.

B. HLUBOK PLECH (1): zasunut pod rot je uren k zachycovn tuku, nebo ho mete pout jako plech na peen masa, drbee, ryb zeleniny, italskho plochho chleba focaccia.

C. PLECH NA MOUNKY (1): k peen peiva a mounk, ale tak masa, ryb v alobalu apod.

D. VSUVN KOLEJNIKY: usnaduj vkldn a vytahovn psluenstv.


V servisnm zkaznickm stedisku si mete koupit dal samostatn psluenstv.


Rot i dal psluenstv m pojistku, kter brn jeho nemyslnmu vytaen.

Obr. 1. Zasute rot vodorovn s vyvenou st A smrem nahoru (Obr. 1).

2. V mst pojistky B rot naklote (Obr. 2).

3. Opt ho vyrovnejte do vodorovn polohy a pln ho zasute C (Obr. 3).

4. Pi vytahovn rotu postupujte opan.

Ostatn psluenstv jako hlubok plech a plech na mounky se zasunuje stejnm zpsobem. Vstupek na jinak rovn sti umouje jejich zablokovn.




1. OVLADA FUNKCE: zapnut/vypnut a volba funkc 2. OVLADA NAVIGACE: prochzen nabdky, prava nastavench hodnot POZNMKA:oba ovladae jsou zasunovac. Vysunete je stisknutm uprosted.

3. TLATKO : k nvratu na pedchoz displej nebo k uloen oblben funkce 4. TLATKO : k volb a potvrzen nastaven


Otoenm ovladae Funkce do jakkoli polohy se trouba zapne: na displeji se zobraz funkce nebo podnabdky, kter s nimi souvisej.

Podnabdky se objev a lze je zvolit otoenm ovladae na funkce GRIL, SPECILN, NASTAVEN, RECEPTY a OBLBEN.

A. Ikona oznaujc zvraznnou funkci.

B. Zvraznn funkce voliteln stisknutm.

C. Popis zvraznn funkce.

D. Dal mon a voliteln funkce.


Po zvolen poadovan funkce se na displeji zobraz dal monosti a podrobnosti, kter s n souvisej.



Rznmi znami mete prochzet otenm ovladae NAVIGACE: kurzor se nastav u upravitelnch hodnot podle ve uvedenho poad. Stisknte tlatko k volb hodnoty, upravte ji otenm ovladae Navigace a potvrte tlatkem.


Ke sprvnmu pouvn trouby je ped zapnutm nutn zvolit poadovan jazyk a nastavit denn as.

Postupujte nsledujcm zpsobem:

1. na displeji se zobraz seznam prvnch t volitelnch jazyk.

2. Otoenm ovladae Navigace projdete seznam.

3. Po zvolen poadovanho jazyka stisknte k jeho vbru.

Po zvolen jazyka se na displeji zobraz blikajc 12:00.

4. Otenm ovladae Navigace nastavte as.

5. Potvrte nastaven stisknutm.



1. Jestlie je trouba vypnut, otote ovladaem Funkce; na displeji se zobraz funkce peen nebo POZNMKA:seznam a popis funkc najdete ve zvltn tabulce na strana35 a strana36.

2. Uvnit podnabdek si mete prohldnout rzn monosti otenm ovladae Navigace: Zvolen funkce se zvrazn ble uprosted displeje. Chcete-li ji vybrat, stisknte tlatko.

3. Na displeji se objev nastaven peen. Jestlie pedem nastaven hodnoty odpovdaj poadovanm hodnotm, otote ovladaem Navigace, a se kurzor objev u Spustit, a pak stisknte tlatko ;

jestlie potebujete jin hodnoty, mete je zmnit podle dle uvedench pokyn.




Teplota nebo vkon grilu se mn nsledujcm zpsobem:

1. Zkontrolujte, zda jste zvolili hodnotu teploty (zna 1) a Stisknte tlatko k volb parametru, kter chcete zmnit: hodnoty odpovdajc teplot zanou blikat.

2. Nastavte poadovanou hodnotu otenm ovladae Navigace a stisknte tlatko k potvrzen.

3. Otote ovladaem Navigace, a se kurzor objev u Spustit, a pak stisknte tlatko.

4. Displej zobraz, do jak rovn drek mte vloit jdlo. Vlote jdlo a stisknutm tlatka spuste Nastavenou teplotu je mon zmnit i bhem peen provedenm stejnho postupu.

5. Na konci peen se na displeji objev pslun zprva. Nyn mete vypnout troubu otoenm ovladae Funkce na 0 (nula), nebo peen jet prodlouit otoenm ovladae Navigace smrem doleva. Pi vypnut se na displeji objev lita ochlazen udvajc teplotu uvnit trouby.




Chcete-li troubu ped vloenm jdla pedeht, je nutn zmnit pedvolbu trouby takto:

1. Otenm ovladae Navigace nastavte kurzor na pedohev.

2. Stisknte tlatko k volb parametru, kter chcete zmnit:

3. Zmte parametr otenm ovladae Navigace: Na displeji se objev Ano.

4. Potvrte volbu stisknutm tlatka.



V ppad, e chcete troubu rychle pedeht, postupujte nsledujcm zpsobem:

1. Zvolte funkci rychlho pedohevu otenm ovladae Funkce.

2. Potvrte tlatkem : na displeji se objev nastaven.

3. Jestlie navren teplota odpovd poadovan teplot, otote ovladaem Navigace, a se kurzor objev u Spustit, a pak stisknte tlatko. Chcete-li teplotu zmnit, postupujte jako v pedchozch odstavcch. Po dosaen nastaven teploty zazn zvukov signl. Po dokonen pedohevu trouba automaticky zvol funkci Tradin.

Nyn je mon vloit jdlo a zat pct.

4. Jestlie si pejete nastavit jinou funkci peen, zvolte ji otoenm ovladae Funkce.






Tato funkce umouje pct jdlo po pedem nastavenou dobu, od minimln 1 minuty a do maximln dlky povolen pslunou funkc; po uplynut tto doby se trouba automaticky vypne.

1. Nastavte funkci umstnm kurzoru na slova Dlka peen pomoc ovladae Navigace.

2. Stisknte tlatko k volb parametru; na displeji zane blikat 00:00.

3. Otejte ovladaem Navigace tak dlouho, a se zobraz poadovan doba peen.

4. Potvrte pedem nastavenou hodnotu stisknutm tlatka.


Po dopeen se u funkc, kter to umouj, na displeji objev monost opeen jdla do zlatova. Tuto funkci lze zapnout pouze tehdy, kdy jste nastavili dlku peen.



trouba fzi zhndnut na 5 minut. Tuto funkci je mon zvolit pouze dvakrt.


Mte monost nastavit poadovan as konce peen a odloit sputn peen a o 23 hodin a 59 minut ponaje danou hodinou. Tento postup je mon pouze po nastaven dlky peen. Toto nastaven je k dispozici pouze tehdy, jestlie zvolen funkce nevyaduje pedohev trouby.







Po nastaven dlky peen se na displeji zobraz as konce peen (nap. 19:20). Chcete-li odloit konec peen posunutm zatku peen, postupujte nsledujcm zpsobem:

1. Otenm ovladae Navigace nastavte kurzor na as konce peen.

2. Stisknte tlatko k volb parametru: as konce peen blik.

3. Posute as konce peen otoenm ovladae Navigace na poadovanou hodnotu.

4. Potvrte pedem nastavenou hodnotu stisknutm tlatka.

5. Otote ovladaem Navigace, a se kurzor objev u SPUSTIT, a pak stisknte tlatko.

6. Displej zobraz, do jak rovn drek mte vloit jdlo. Vlote jdlo a stisknutm tlatka spuste peen. Trouba spust peen a po nastaven prodlev tak, aby peen skonilo v pedem nastaven as (nap. jestlie se m pct jdlo, kter vyaduje dobu peen 20 minut, a konec peen je nastaven na 20.10, trouba spust peen v 19.50).

POZNMKA:bhem prodlevy je ale mon ihned spustit peen otenm ovladae Navigace, a se kurzor nastav u Spustit, a pak stisknout tlatko.

Nastaven hodnoty (teplota, stupe grilu, doba peen) kdykoli mete zmnit podle pokyn ve ve uvedench odstavcch.


Pokud je po dopeen jdla nebo po vypnut trouby vnitn teplota vy ne 50C, na displeji se objev teplota v danm okamiku a lita zobrazujc prbh ochlazen. Kdy zbytkov teplo doshne hodnoty 50C, na displeji se objev denn as.


Stisknte +/- k nastaven as. spnae, ke sputn Stisknte +/- k nastaven as. spnae, ke sputn asova Tuto funkci me pout pouze u vypnut trouby a hod se napklad ke sledovn doby vaen tstovin.

Maximln nastaviteln as je 1 hodina a 30 minut.

1. U vypnut trouby stisknte tlatko : na displeji se objev 00:00:00.

2. Otoenm ovladae Navigace zvolte poadovan as.

3. Stisknte tlatko k zahjen odpotvn. Po uplynut nastavenho asu se na displeji objev 00:00:00 a zazn zvukov signl. Nyn mete as jet prodlouit, podle ve uvedenho popisu, nebo minutku vypnout stisknutm tlatka (na displeji se objev denn as).


Dky technologii Intelligent Sensor Tecnology mete vyut 30 recept ji nastavench s ideln funkc a teplotou peen pro dan jdlo.

Podle piloenho recepte si zjistte pouze nezbytn psady a zpsob ppravy jdla. Pak u jen postupujete nsledujcm zpsobem:



1. Zvolte RECEPTY otoenm ovladae Funkce.

2. V nabdce si vyberte jdlo.

4. Zvolte poadovan recept otenm ovladae Navigace.

5. Potvrte stisknutm tlatka : na displeji se zobraz piblin as peen.

6. Vlote jdlo a otote ovladaem Navigace, a se kurzor objev u Spustit, a pak stisknte tlatko.

7. Displej zobraz, do jak rovn drek mte vloit jdlo. Vlote jdlo a stisknutm tlatka spuste peen. Chcete-li peen odloit, ite se pslunm odstavcem.

POZNMKA:nkter jdla vyaduj zamchn nebo obrcen jdla v polovin doby peen - trouba vs na to upozorn zvukovm signlem a na displeji se zobraz poadovan innost.

Doba peen zobrazen na zatku je ist orientan: me se bhem peen automaticky prodlouit.

Chvli ped koncem peen vs trouba pod, abyste zkontrolovali, zda je jdlo dobe propeen podle vaeho pn. Nen-li tomu tak, mete dobu peen prodlouit run otoenm ovladae Navigace.


Tato trouba umouje uloen vybranch nastaven pro peen oblbench jdel.

Po skonen peen se na displeji bude v intervalech objevovat npis Stisknte k uloen.

Jestlie si pejete uloit nastaven pouit pro urit peen (funkce, as, teplota), stisknte tlatko. V tomto okamiku se na displeji zobraz npis Stisknte OK k uloen.

Po stisknut tlatka trouba navrhne prvn volnou pozici od 1 do 10. V ppad, e chcete pozici zmnit, mete zmnit slo otenm ovladae Navigace (- nebo +) jet ped potvrzenm tlatkem. Jestlie je pam pln, nebo je pozice ji obsazen, funkce se pepe.

Pokud ale nechcete nastaven uloit, sta opt stisknout tlatko a pejt na jinou funkci otenm pslunho ovladae, nebo vypnout troubu.

Chcete-li pozdji vyvolat uloen nastaven, otote ovladaem Funkce na symbol a zvolte jednu z uloench funkc otenm ovladae Navigace, a najdete poadovanou funkci.

Stisknte tlatko ke sputn peen.


1. Ke zmn nkterch parametr displeje zvolte NASTAVEN z hlavn nabdky otenm ovladae Funkce.

2. Potvrte tlatkem : Na displeji se objev parametry, kter je mon zmnit (jazyk, hlasitost, zvukov signl, jas displeje, denn as, spora energie).

3. Otenm ovladae Navigace zvolte nastaven, kter chcete zmnit.

4. Stisknte tlatko k potvrzen.

5. Pi zmn parametru se ite pokyny na displeji.

6. Stisknte tlatko : Na displeji se objev potvrzujc zprva o provedenm postupu.

POZNMKA:kdy je trouba vypnut a pitom je zapnut (ON) funkce Reim Eco (spora energie), displej po nkolika vteinch zhasne. Jestlie ale funkce nen zapnut (OFF), po nkolika vteinch se pouze sn jas displeje.


Tato funkce umouje zablokovat pouvn tlatek a ovlada na ovldacm panelu.

Chcete-li ji zapnout, stisknte souasn tlatka a alespo na 3 vteiny. Jestlie je zapnut, jsou tlatka zablokovan a na displeji se objev upozornn a pslun ikona. Tuto funkci lze zapnout tak bhem peen. Chcete-li ji vypnout, opakujte ve uveden postup. Jestlie jsou tlatka zablokovan, mete troubu vypnout otoenm ovladae na 0 (nula). V tomto ppad je ale nutn znovu nastavit pedtm zvolenou funkci.



OSVTLEN K zapnut/vypnut rovky uvnit trouby.

RYCHL PEDOHEV K rychlmu zaht trouby.

TRADIN pizzy, slanch kol a mounk s tekutou npln pouijte ale 1. nebo 2.

TURBOGRIL tuku. Zasute ho do 1. nebo 2. rovn drek a nalijte do nj asi pl litru



K nastaven displeje (jazyk, hodina, jas, hlasitost zvukovho signlu,





K urychlen rozmrazovn potravin. Doporuujeme vloit jdlo do stedn ROZMRAZOVN rovn drek. Jdlo ponechte v pvodnm obalu, aby se povrch pli UDROV. JDLA V (nap. peench nebo smaench mas nebo nkyp). Doporuujeme TEPLE vloit jdlo do stedn rovn drek. Funkce se nezapne, jestlie je



Pizza Funkce automaticky zvol nejlep teplotu i reim peen pro 5 rznch Zvin kategori hotovch mraench jdel. Pouvejte 2. nebo 3. rove peen.


Hranolky Troubu nemuste pedehvat.

JDLO Pomal K etrn pprav masa (pi 90 C) a ryb (pi 85 C). S touto funkc se jdlo peen va pomalu, a je pak keh a avnatj. Dky nzkm teplotm jdlo masa nezhndne a m chu podobnou jako po vaen v pe. Peen doporuujeme nejprve osmhnout dozlatova na pnvi, aby se vytvoila POMAL VAEN Pomal peen otvrat dvee trouby, aby neunikalo teplo, a pouvat piloen tepeln idlo (je-li u vaeho modelu), nebo normln potravinov


hov kol, zvin, Suenky / muffiny Zkusky z odpalovamounky nho tsta Pusinky Chlb/pizza/focaccia Slan kole (zelenirov. 5: dortov forma na rotu nov, quiche) Lstkov tatiky / lsmounky kov keksy Lasagne/ zapkan nkypy Ryba peen v trouhlubok plech nebo forma na peen cel) Plnn zelenina (rajforma na peen na rotu ata, cukety, lilky) Uzeniny / kebaby / Peen kue 1-1,3 kg pln jdlo:

Mraen pizzy * Doba peen je ist orientan. Jdla se z trouby mohou vytahovat rzn podle vlastn chuti.

RECEPTY OTESTOVAN podle norem IEC 50304/60350:2009-03 a DIN 3360-12:07: IEC 60350:2009-03 8.4. Suenky z listovho tsta IEC 60350:2009-03 8.4. IEC 60350:2009-03 8.5. Pikot bez tuku (Fatless sponge cake) IEC 60350:2009-03 8.5. Dva jablen kole IEC 60350:2009-03 9.1. IEC 60350:2009-03 9.2. DIN 3360-12:07 6.5.2. Jablen kol, kol v DIN 3360-12:07 6. Vepov peen (Roast Pork) DIN 3360-12:07 ploha C Mounk na plechu (Flat Tabulka peen navrhuje nejvhodnj funkce a teploty pro dokonal upeen kadho typu receptu.

Pokud chcete pout funkci s ventiltorem jen pro jednu rove trouby, doporuujeme pout tet rove a stejnou teplotu navrenou pro funkci HORK VZDUCH na vce rovnch.

Hodnoty uveden v tabulce plat bez pouit vsuvnch kolejniek. Testy se provdj bez vsuvnch kolejniek.

* Vythnte nejprve plech z 5. rovn, jakmile jdlo doshne poadovanho zhndnut. Na rovni 1 a trv peen del dobu.

** Pi grilovn doporuujeme ponechat u pednho okraje rotu 3-4 cm volnho prostoru ke snadnjmu vytaen jdla Tda energetick innosti (podle normy EN50304) K proveden testu pouijte pslunou tabulku.

Spoteba energie a doba pedohevu Vyberte funkci a provete test pouze se zapnutou funkc "Pedohev" ("Ano pedohev").

Test pesnosti ovldn Vyberte funkci a provete test pouze s vypnutou funkc "Pedohev" (jestlie je pedohev zapnut, ovldn trouby zmrn zpsobuje kolsn teploty).


Jak pouvat tabulku peen Tabulka udv nejlep funkci pro peen danho jdla na jedn nebo vce rovnch drek souasn. Doby peen se potaj od okamiku vloen jdel do trouby bez pedeht (kter je u nkterch recept).

Teploty a doby peen jsou pouze orientan, protoe se mohou mnit podle mnostv jdla a pouitho psluenstv. Nastavte nejprve nejni doporuen hodnoty, a jestlie jdlo nebude dostaten propeen, zvyte hodnoty nastaven. Pouijte dodvan psluenstv a nejlpe tmav zbarven kovov dortov formy a plechy na peen. Mete tak pout ndoby a psluenstv z pyrexu nebo kameniny, ale uvdomte si, e se doby peen trochu prodlou. Chcete-li mt jdlo dobe upeen, peliv dodrujte rady uveden v tabulce peen pro volbu psluenstv (dodvan), a postavte ho na doporuenou rove drek.

Peen rznch jdel souasn Pomoc funkce HORK VZDUCH mete pct souasn na rznch rovnch rzn jdla (napklad (nap.

ryby a zeleninu), kter potebuj stejnou teplotu. Jdlo, kter vyaduje krat dobu peen, vyndejte dv, a ponechte v troub jdlo s del dobou peen.

Dezerty - Jemn mounky pete s funkc tradinho peen jen na jedn rovni. Pouvejte tmav zbarven kovov formy a vdy je polote na rot trouby. Chcete-li pct na vce ne jedn rovni, zvolte funkci horkovzdunho ohevu a uspodejte formy na rotech tak, aby mohl hork vzduch co nejlpe cirkulovat.

- Chcete-li zjistit, zda je kynut kol u propeen, zasute do nejvy sti prtko. Pokud ho z jdla vythnete ist, je kol upeen.

- Jestlie pouijete nepilnav dortov formy, nevymazvejte mslem okraje, protoe kol by nemusel na okrajch rovnomrn zvednout.

- Jestlie kol bhem peen klesne, nastavte pt ni teplotu, mete tak snit mnostv tekutiny v tst a tolik tsto nemchat.

- Pro mounky s tekutou npln (tvarohov kol nebo ovocn kole) pouijte funkci HORK VZDUCH. Jestlie je spodek kole promen, snite rot a ped vloenm npln do kole posypte dno kole strouhankou nebo nadrobenmi suenkami.

Masa - Pouijte jakkoli druh plechu do trouby nebo ndobu pyrex vhodn pro danou velikost masa. U peen doporuujeme pilt na dno ndoby trochu vvaru, aby maso bhem peen zskalo jet lep chu. Po upeen nechte maso v troub na dalch 10-15 minut, nebo ho zabalte do alobalu.

- Chcete-li maso grilovat, vyberte stejn siln kusy, aby se stejnomrn propekly. Velmi siln kusy masa vyaduj del dobu peen. Zasute rot do ni polohy, aby bylo dle od grilu a nesplilo se na povrchu. Ve dvou tetinch grilovn maso obrate.

Doporuujeme zasunout pmo pod grilovac rot s masem hlubok plech s pl litrem vody k zachycovn vypeenho tuku. V ppad poteby vodu dolijte.

Oton roe (jen u nkterch model) Toto psluenstv pouijte k rovnomrnmu propeen velkch kus masa a drbee. Maso nasute na tyku ron, kue pipevnte rkou, a ped vloenm do trouby zkontrolujte, zda neme spadnout.

Tyku zasute do jejho umstn na pedn stran trouby a polote na pslun drk. Doporuujeme zasunout do prvn rovn drek hlubok plech s pl litrem vody, kter zabrn vzniku koue v troub a zachyt odkapvajc tuk. Tyka m plastov dradlo, kter se mus ped peenm odstranit, a zase se pouije na konci peen k vytaen jdla z trouby, abyste se nesplili.

Pizza Plechy trochu vymate tukem, aby byl spodek pkn kupav. Ve dvou tetinch peen posypte pizzu mozarellou.

Funkce kynut (jen u nkterch model) Ped vloenm tsta do trouby ho vdy zakryjte vlhkou utrkou. as potebn k vykynut tsta pomoc tto funkce je piblin o tetinu krat v porovnn s kynutm pi pokojov teplot (20-25C). 1 kg tsta na pizzu vykyne asi za jednu hodinu.



Ez a kziknyv s maga a kszlk fontos biztonsgi figyelmeztetseket nyjt, amelyeket el kell olvasni s mindenkor figyelembe kell venni.

Ez a veszly szimblum a biztonsgra vonatkozan, amely figyelmezteti a felhasznlkat az ket s msokat fenyeget lehetsges kockzatokra.

Minden biztonsgi figyelmeztetst megelz a veszly szimblum s a kvetkez kifejezsek egyike:


FIGYELMEZTETS Veszlyes helyzetet jelez, amely, ha nem kerlik el, slyos srlst okozhat.

Minden biztonsgi figyelmeztets specifikusan rszletezi a meglv potencilis kockzatot, s jelzi, hogyan kell a kszlk helytelen hasznlatbl ered srls, kr s ramts kockzatt cskkenteni. Gondosan tartsa be a kvetkez utastsokat:

- A kszlket minden zembe helyezsi munka eltt ramtalantani kell.

- A kszlk zembe helyezst s karbantartst szakembernek kell vgeznie a gyrt utastsaival s a helyi biztonsgi elrsokkal sszhangban. Ne javtsa meg vagy cserlje ki a kszlk semmilyen alkatrszt, hacsak ezt a hasznlati tmutat kifejezetten nem jelzi.

- A hlzati zsinr cserjt csak villanyszerel szakember vgezheti. Vegye fel a kapcsolatot egy hivatalos vevszolglattal.

- Az elrsok rtelmben a kszlket fldelni kell.

- A hlzati zsinrnak elg hossznak kell lennie ahhoz, hogy a mr helyre tett kszlket csatlakoztatni lehessen a hlzati konnektorba.

- Az rvnyes biztonsgi elrsok betartsa rdekben a beszerelshez fel kell hasznlni egy sszplus, legalbb 3 mm-es rintkeztvolsg megszakt kapcsolt.

- Ne hasznljon tbbdugaszos elosztt, illetve hosszabbtt.

- Tilos a kszlk villsdugjt a hlzati zsinrt hzva eltvoltani az aljzatbl.

- A beszerelst kveten az elektromos alkatrszek ne legyenek a felhasznl szmra hozzfrhetk.

- Ne rjen a kszlkhez nedves testrsszel, s ne hasznlja a kszlket meztlb.

- Ezt a kszlket kizrlag hztartsi gpknt val hasznlatra, telek ksztsre terveztk. Egyb hasznlat (pl. klnbz terek ftse) nem megengedett. A gyrt a kezelszervek helytelen vagy szablytalan hasznlatbl szrmaz krokrt felelssget nem vllal.

- 8 vesnl nagyobb gyermekek, valamint cskkent fizikai, rzkelsi vagy szellemi kpessg, illetve kell tapasztalatok vagy ismeretek nlkli szemlyek szmra a kszlk hasznlata csak gy lehetsges, ha felgyelet mellett vannak, vagy ha megtantottk nekik a kszlk biztonsgos hasznlatt, s tisztban vannak a lehetsges veszlyekkel is. Gyermekek nem jtszhatnak a kszlkkel. A tiszttst s a karbantartst nem vgezhetik gyermekek, hacsak nem felgyelik ket felnttek.

- Hasznlat kzben a kszlk hozzfrhet alkatrszei nagyon felmelegedhetnek. A kszlktl tvol kell tartani a gyermekeket, s gyelni kell arra, hogy ne jtsszanak a kszlkkel.

- Hasznlat kzben a kszlk s annak hozzfrhet alkatrszei felmelegednek. gyeljen arra, hogy ne rjen hozz a ftelemekhez. A vesnl kisebb gyermekeket tvol kell tartani a kszlktl, hacsak nincsenek lland ellenrzs alatt.

- Hasznlat kzben s utn gyeljen arra, hogy ne rjen hozz a kszlk ftelemeihez vagy bels felleteihez, mert azok gsi srlst okozhatnak.

gyeljen arra, hogy az sszes alkatrsz kell lehlsig a kszlk ne rintkezzen ruhadarabokkal vagy ms gylkony anyaggal.

- Az tel elkszlte utn vatosan nyissa ki a kszlk ajtajt, hogy a kszlk belsejbe val benyls eltt fokozatosan tvozhasson onnan a h vagy a gz. Amikor a kszlk ajtaja zrva van, a meleg leveg a kezellap feletti nylson tvozik. A szellzrcs szellzst ne akadlyozza.

- Az ednyek s tartozkok kivtelhez hasznljon konyhai kesztyt, gyelve arra, hogy ne rintse meg a ftelemeket.

- Ne tegyen gylkony anyagot a kszlkbe vagy annak kzelbe. Ez ugyanis a kszlk vletlen bekapcsolsa esetn meggyulladhat.

- Ne melegtsen vagy fzzn telt gy, hogy a serpenyt vagy ednyt lgmentesen lezrva teszi be a kszlkbe. Az gy keletkez nyoms ugyanis felrobbanthatja az ednyt, s krt tehet a kszlkben.

- Ne hasznljon manyagbl kszlt ednyeket.

- A tlhevtett zsrok s olajok knnyen lngra lobbannak. Mindig legyen ber, amikor zsrban vagy olajban gazdag telt st.

- Az elkszlt tel szradsa alatt nem szabad felgyelet nlkl hagyni a kszlket.

- Ha alkoholos italokat hasznl az telek elksztsekor (pl. rum, konyak, bor), ne feledje, hogy az alkohol magas hmrskleten elprolog. Ennek eredmnyeknt az alkohol ltal kibocstott gzk az elektromos ftelemmel rintkezve belobbanhatnak.

- Soha ne hasznljon gznyomssal mkd tiszttkszlket.

- A pirolzis ciklus kzben tilos a sthz nylni. A pirolzis alatt a gyermekeket tvol kell tartani a sttl (csak a Pirolzis funkcival rendelkez stk esetn).

- Csak a sthz ajnlott vagy tartozkknt adott hmrskletszondt szabad hasznlni.

- Tilos agresszv drzshats tiszttszereket vagy les fmeszkzket hasznlni a stajt vegnek tiszttshoz, mert ezek sszekarcolhatjk a felletet vagy betrhetik az veget.

- Az ramtsek elkerlse rdekben gyeljen arra, hogy az izzcsere eltt ki legyen kapcsolva a kszlk.

A hztartsi kszlkek kiselejtezse - Ez a kszlk jrahasznosthat vagy jrafelhasznlhat anyagok felhasznlsval kszlt.

Kiselejtezskor a hulladkeltvoltsra vonatkoz helyi krnyezetvdelmi elrsok szerint kell eljrni.

Megsemmists eltt a kszlkeket az elektromos kbel elvgsval tegye hasznlhatatlann.

- A hztartsi gpek kezelsre, feljtsra s jrahasznostsra vonatkoz legfrissebb informcikrt forduljon a helyileg illetkes hivatalhoz, a hztartsi hulladkok begyjtst vgz vllalathoz, vagy a kszlket nnek rtkest bolthoz.


A st kicsomagolst kveten ellenrizze, hogy szllts kzben nem srlt-e meg a st s hogy annak ajtaja jl zrdik-e. Problmk esetn vegye fel a kapcsolatot a kereskedvel vagy a legkzelebbi vevszolglattal. A krosods megelzse rdekben csak az zembe helyezskor vegyi le a stt a hungarocell vdalapzatrl.


A stvel rintkez konyhabtor-elemeknek hllknak kell lennik (min. 90 C).

Vgezzen el minden asztalosmunkt a btoron, mieltt a stt a befoglal egysgbe szereln, s gondosan tvoltson el minden faforgcsot s frszport.

Az zembe helyezst kveten a st alja mr ne lehet hozzfrhet.

A kszlk megfelel mkdse rdekben ne tmtse el munkalap als szle s a st fels szle kztti minimlis hzagot.


Gyzdjn meg arrl, hogy a kszlk adatlapjn megadott feszltsg megegyezik-e a hlzati feszltsggel. Az adatlap a st ells szln tallhat (nyitott ajtnl lthat).

A hlzati tpkbel cserjt (tpusa H05 RR-F 3 x 1,5 mm2) szakkpzett villanyszerelnek kell elvgeznie. Vegye fel a kapcsolatot egy hivatalos vevszolglattal.


Hasznlat eltt:

- Tvoltsa el a karton vdelemeket, a vdflit s az ntapad cmkket a tartozkokrl.

- Vegye ki a stbl a tartozkokat, s a kszlket kb. egy rn keresztl ftse 200-on, hogy a vdzsr s a szigetelanyagok szaga s fstje elillanjon.

Hasznlat alatt:

- Az ajtra ne tegyen nehz trgyakat, mert ezek megronglhatjk.

- Ne kapaszkodjon az ajtba, illetve ne akasszon semmit a fogantyra.

- Ne fedje le a st belsejt alumniumflival.

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